Man Beats His Wife in Front of Their 2yo Son, The Son Hits The Mother Too – Watch Video

What should have been a moment of celebration for a little boy turned into a physical altercation between his parents when his enraged father started hitting his mother. In an Indian household where a little boy was turning two years old, he witnessed his father striking his mother in the middle of her singing Happy Birthday

The domestic violence, which was filmed, allegedly stemmed from the mother starting the celebration without the father being present. 

The physical dispute surfaced online, where the title indicated that the man gave his wife a thrashing in front of their son “For Lighting His Bday Candles Before He Could Join The Video!” The camera, which was meant to capture the two-year-old’s special moment, ended up recording the slaps and punches his father landed on his mother.

The video begins with bold words protesting domestic abuse, saying “Justice for Domestic Violence.” Shortly after, the screen transitions to an Indian woman singing Happy Birthday to her son with a candle-lit cake and more lit candles nearby. The song is immediately interrupted by the entrance of her husband, who slaps her in the face within seconds. As the two begin speaking in their native language, she is repeatedly slapped by her husband. 

The man strikes his wife so hard that she falls backwards on the bed at one point. Upon witnessing his father’s wrath, the two-year-old mimics what he sees and hits his mother. The father leaves the room only for a second to retrieve his shoe, which he slams into the child’s birthday cake. As the video continues, he keeps striking his wife while the child slaps his mother and throws his father’s phone at her. The woman puts out the remaining candles and seemingly pleads to her husband, who then starts punching her.

Watch the video of the man beating his wife below.

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