Marion Hall Opens Up About Perverted Stalker Who Exposed Himself to Her – See Post and Watch Video

Former dancehall veteran turned pastor, Minister Marion Hall, had a heart-to-heart with her followers on Sunday, disclosing that a man has been stalking and exposing himself to her on Instagram.

Hall got baptised in 2015 after her decades-long career in dancehall. The former deejay switched to gospel and was later ordained as a minister, preaching to her many followers on social media. Hall went on Instagram Live to preach a sermon on Sunday but spoke to her viewers briefly about the man who has allegedly been cyber stalking her.

Minister Hall shared that a few months ago, a man got the number she uses for Instagram and has been harassing her since. According to Hall, he consistently called her even during her live sermons. Not knowing that he had set up his phone to expose himself to her, Hall said when she answered the call, he began to masturbate on camera.

The man continued to call her afterwards and spoke to her about his genitalia. It was at this point Hall warned him that she would post a screenshot of him that she had taken during a previous call. Hall said that God had instructed her to preach and warned the man that she was not to be trifled with.

” I don’t want to know about your penis honey [ … ] I don’t know who is yuh woman or if yuh lock up somewhere. But where eva yuh lockup yuh need fi find something to put it in because I’m not the one to play with,” Minister Hall stated.

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In a seemingly now deleted post, Hall shared a screenshot of the individual’s name and number, requesting that anyone who knew him tell him to stop harassing her.

View the post and watch the video below.