Marion Hall Previews New Song In Church; Says Her Family Make Her Feel Unqualified To Preach, “I’m Going Back Out There”

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 8:52 PM GMT-5

Former Queen of Dancehall, Marion Hall Talked about “thinking of walking away from ministry seriously,” in a recent live chat, she detailed that multiple of her family members including a sister caused her to develop the thought despite still being a firm believer in God.

“This person wanna read me my rights,” says Hall while referring to her sister who once lived with her and experienced much of her ups and downs throughout the years. According to Minister Hall, some of her family members are using her past actions against her, telling her that she’s not worthy to be a minister.

She went on to state that “there was a big argument days ago,” and because she does not want to sin herself while in the church, she would give her church over. She also detailed that she “slept” on the church floor the night before making the video.

Hall said, the only drawback is that she feels like she is “disappointing” the lord, however, she got to work so that she can support her bills. In the live-chat she recalled raising multiple of her siblings and taking care of them until they got big, however, things changed when she stopped spending on them as before.

This was the second instance that Minister Hall talked about returning to Dancehall since the start of June 2024.

A snippet from her livestream was shared on Instagram by MC Nuff.

Despite the live Chat that was made days ago, Minister Hall was present in Chuch on Sunday, June 16. During Sunday’s service, she sang a new unreleased song. It’s unclear if this is the song she promised to return to Dancehall with.

“I have a new song… i’m waiting on the rapture my God will take me home, ” she sings before highlighting that she is “tired” of some people on earth, she goes on to sing more lyrics from the unreleased song, “Mi seh mi tired a crosses and trials”.

Check out the song below:


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