Marion Hall Says “There’s one person that set up a lot of people against me, and you better pray because I’m coming out I’ma take you out!” – Watch Video

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 2:00 PM GMT-5

Amid her struggles in Christianity, Minister Marion Hall became emotional in a video circulating online as she suggested a possible return to her Dancehall career and the secular world.

Hall first indicated a possible return to her Lady Saw alter ego on Tuesday, sharing that she was about to make decisions that may take her back to a place that she had not intended to return to. She further fueled speculation that she was leaving Christianity during a new video clip recorded during a livestream.

Hall questioned if there was any point in continuing her ministry if she was still getting attacked. The former Dancehall artiste also expressed that it was best if she returned to the secular world so she could at least properly defend herself and confront her attackers.

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Hall added that she is sick of the attacks and noted that there is one person in particular who has been fueling the negativity around her.

“There’s one person that set up a lot of people against me, and you better pray because I’m coming out I’ma take you out! Cause you the one that set up a whole lot of people. Yuh wicked, yuh bad mind, yuh grudgeful, yuh jealous, and you started this [ … ] I was loved by everybody, and you go out and you put up a lot of false things, and you go on the internet and you put up a lot of lies about me,” Hall stated.

The minister said that despite welcoming the individual with open arms, they have continuously worked to thwart her ministry and music career. She went on to suggest that if she returns to her old life, then people will see who is really bad and who has the most talent.

Watch Marion Hall in the clip below. 

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