Mark Golding to File Defamation Lawsuit Against Heroy Clarke, Says “Justice will be done”

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 12:20 PM GMT-5

Leader of the People’s National Party (PNP), Mark Golding, announced on Thursday that he will be pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Heroy Clarke, for comments that were allegedly made about him and his wife, Sandra Golding.

The alleged defamatory statements were reportedly made on June 6 in a WhatsApp group consisting of about 300 members.

According to reports, the WhatsApp message contained “utterly false statements as to the age of Golding’s wife and the origin of their relationship” and has impacted his business, brought public scandal, and caused emotional distress.

This morning, Golding shared on his Twitter/X page that he has instructed his attorneys to file a lawsuit against Clarke. “My lawyers have been instructed to proceed with filing suit against Heroy Clarke for defamation. Justice will be done,” Golding wrote.

Golding’s attorneys had previously threatened legal action for Clarke’s reported statements.

The deputy speaker had been instructed to issue a public apology to Golding.He was also told to confirm in writing that he would not publish any defamatory statements concerning the opposition leader.

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