Melinda Gates Gets Over 1.8B In Shares from Bill

Ceo for Microsoft, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates has decided to discontinue their marriage, with the businessman’s now estranged wife filing a divorce on Monday.

The divorce filing also came with a large amount of stock transfer which was sent from Bill to Melinda, as a form of settlement since it appears that the two did not establish a prenuptial agreement.

According to TMZ who broke the news, Billions in shares were transferred by Gates to his now-former wife, using his Cascade Investment company.

It is being reported that the transfer saw 14 million shares transferred to Melinda’s name, from the Canada National Railway company while from Auto Nation inc. she received 2.9 million shares.

The shares for the Canadian Railway company are said to have a value of 1.5 billion dollars, while those for Auto Nation has been said to worth 310 million dollars.

Previously the couple had already agreed on separation which was officially signed off in a document, however, steps have now been made to make the divorce official.