Minister Hall Released Fiery ‘Step’ Dancehall Gospel Song – Listen Audio

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 10:15 AM GMT-5

Dancehall-artiste-turn-minister Marion Hall released her new Dancehall Gospel song titled Step. The intense track features the minister fiercely deejaying about battling the devil and his followers and being ready for spiritual warfare, 

The track, produced by Marion Hall Ministry Records, begins with the minister quoting a Bible verse while the sound of footsteps can be heard. She next declares “war” and proceeds to deejay about getting dressed for war and arming herself with elements from the Bible.

Afterwards, Marion says in the chorus, “Mek we step. Step. Step inna di serpent neck. Come we step. Step. Step up inna serpent neck.”

She talks about attacking demons, warlocks, serpents, and scorpions. Additionally, she states that she will never side with the devil by saying, “On the Lord side, yes, mi nah switch caw the devil is liad, yea, yuh betta jump ship and step.”

There has been longstanding speculation regarding whether or not Marion Hall will completely return to Dancehall, but she continues to reject the secular world in her music.

Listen to Marion Hall’s song Step below:

Notably, the comments are turned off on YouTube, where the track was released on June 13. Before releasing the song, Marion mentioned that she wrote a song that the public might criticise because it is fused with Dancehall.


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