Minister Hall Tells Fans “Stop worrying about me” And Reveals Big Fallout With Her Sister

Wednesday, June 12, 2024, 4:30 AM GMT-5

Supporters of Minister Marion Hall have been concerned about her well-being, and she went live on Tuesday to reassure them that she needs some time with God. It is unclear what troubles the minister, but she sounds as if she is crying at times in the saved video of her livestream.

During the live stream, she tells supporters, “I would like you to stop worrying about me… I am getting a lot of calls. I told you not to call. Sometimes we as ministers just need time alone.”

While she sits at a desk inside her church, she repeatedly mentions that people go through difficult times and are forced to make choices that hurt. Afterwards, she notes that she is tired of spectators and people who are judging her.

Additionally, Marion Hall notes that she loves and appreciates her supporters. Later, Marion Hall says that she only has God and no one else, and she adds that the devil is fighting hard to get her back.

In the live-chat she also talked about making a song that sounds like nowadays Dancehall.

Notably, Marion Hall has a new song titled Step, which she urged her supporters to pre-order. She wrote, “Blessings everyone. While I’m here seeking answers from God, please go download the song you’ve been asking for. Here it is. Download this one on all this platforms.”


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The video she posted on Tuesday along with the cryptic text post she made have been deleted from her Facebook. Earlier she wrote, “I’m about to make some of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life, which may take me back to a place, where I would never dream of going back.”

The statement continues, “But seems to be heading back there, from this moment on. I know that many will cursed me out, and said they’ve predicted it, but what can I say. Sometimes, you just don’t have any fight left,” Hall wrote.

In the new video she detailed that she had a “big blow up” with a Christian sister the night prior to her making the post she did, “if you are not strong you will lose,” she detailed before outlining that she has no one but God.

“Something with down last night and the day before and the day before,” she states has she continues to highlight the internal issues she has been going through with family and friends.

Watch the video with Marion Hall speaking below:

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