Most Jamaicans Unhappy With Government Spending 36Mill For British Lawyers In Kartel’s Appeal: See Reactions

Sunday, June 30, 2024, 1:26 PM GMT-5

On Sunday, it was revealed that the Jamaican Government spent £185,659 (or J$36.2 million) on a British legal team for the Vybz Kartel appeal before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) in the UK. As a result of the hefty figure and more to come, most of the reactions online to the news are unfavourable to the government.

On the heels of MrBeast sharing a video online in which he helped 26 Jamaicans with a new home, many Jamaicans are pointing out that the legal expenses could have been allocated to different endeavours, like helping the poor and needy.

This situation also reignited debates about Jamaica’s reliance on overseas attorneys for JCPC appeals. Some local legal experts argue that qualified Jamaican lawyers, particularly within the ODPP, could handle these cases, potentially saving taxpayer money and would be more beneficial to the island.

After learning of the news, one person commented, “The tax paying people of Jamaica paid hefty sum- there, I fixed it,” another Instagram user wrote, “Release the man! Tax payers are tired of paying for this case which already mashup thanks to Paula!”

On the other hand, an Instagram user who did not have any issue with the sum asked, “Do you all know how the system works? Jamaica government did not sign up to get this matter appealed. The convict and his co-accused did. Therefore the government was left with no option but to go forth with the case.”

The comment continued, “That’s a voluntary right and if the government did not take it up, you guys would be the same one to say that government a try sabotage the man. Stop being negative and think about the whole thing.”


See some more of the reactions below:


The new information, obtained by The Sunday Gleaner, highlights significant expenditure amid growing legal costs surrounding the legal matter that is expected to carry on to a trial. At the moment, Vybz Kartel and his coaccused are waiting on a ruling from the Jamaica Court Of Appeal to know whether or not a second trial will happen. The decision is expected to be announced before the end of July 2024.

Earlier the UK Privy Council ordered the Government to pay the legal costs for Kartel and his three co-accused, potentially raising the total to J$150 million in lawyer fees. The attorneys for the four men are currently calculating their costs for submission, with the JCPC determining any disputed amounts.

Former DPP Paula Llewellyn declined to comment due to ongoing legal matters.

On the other hand, a senior government insider defended the payments, citing the complex workload involving four accused individuals, each with multiple attorneys and extensive legal documentation.


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