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854 Comments on "Mother who beat 4 Years Old Child cries and apologizes To Jamaica [Video]"

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You should not be doing this video in the first place because u did not see the original video, you do not qualify to speak on this topic. You talking about “let it go” she shod go to jail. She av a 4 mth old child and a talk bout stress? where is the fada? And she a lie bout she dont remember!!! she must go to jail……. DISGUSTING Who is this so called Shena by the way, wats her claim….if u dont care get off the net!!!!

Ricardo Stonna

Patricia lue this lady said to the child that she beat last week for the samething that means it on going thing she beat with no mercy it’s like the child was her worst enemy and if that wasn’t enuff she said she was cut the child off and think she would.death before dishonor wicked fucking woman

Michelle Marshall

God knows best she goes over board by beating de child but the state will not take care of that child the way the mother does

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