Mr. Vegas Wants Spice “Tek Dung” Controversial ‘2085 Tea’ Song and Apologise

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 3:52 PM GMT-5

Despite not calling Spice’s name initially, the words mentioned in one of Mr. Vegas’ most recent live chats point to the ‘2085 Tea‘ song released by Spice days ago. “A deh suh music reach?” questioned Mr Vegas before stating, “the music nuh nice again man”.

“Now this yah lady yah she a drop har album and yuh nuh have nuh confidence inna your album,” he also stated as he points to controversy being the selling factor and not the sonics. Further on in the video he called out Spice by name, “Spice yuh nu have nuh feelings… yuh just heartless suh and nuh have nuh feeling?” He asked multiple times.

According to the veteran artiste the song is causing “trigger moments” which is exploiting people’s pain. He declared that someone who would celebrate their song going number one at the detriment of others is a “sick” person.

“Real artiste just drop music… can’t drop music and depend pan drama fi sell yo music… yo nuh have nuh talent man, nuh talent,” he detailed before comparing the Queen of Dancehall’s music to that of Taylor Swift and Beyonce, “a music dem duh…. we duh Drama, we duh acting,” he outlined.

“You made a person’s life miserable… that’s what you make… unuh fi shame,” he went on to declare that he will never make a song then “depend pan drama fi mek it hit”, he also stated that he won’t make music to trend, “unuh a mek drama unuh a mek mixup,” says Mr. Vegas.

Further on he says that the song has “poisen” in it, he did not stopped there and next stated “if yuh know weh mi know yuh si, you gyal Spice yuh tek down dah bloodcl**t song deh and apologise to the girl yo hear,” in an altered voice.

The video was uploaded to JA medium on Youtube.

Check out Mr. Vegas’s live chat below:


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