Mutabaruka Says Marion Hall is Divided Between her Lady Saw Days and Christianity, “She admire certain thing innah the dancehall…”

Saturday, June 15, 2024, 7:43 AM GMT-5

In one of his most recent radio shows, Mutabaruka spoke about thinking that maybe Pastor Marion Hall needs to speak with a professional to get help regarding her recent announcement that her next single will be a dancehall one.

Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, stepped out of the dancehall industry to pursue a life in Christianity but has made several remarks over the years suggesting she would return. According to Muta, “Lady Saw, I don’t know if she understand…it look like she admire certain things innah the dancehall that she couldn’t give up.”

He said that she was doing well with her faith but still had her eyes on Dancehall, throwing shades at multiple dancehall artistes over the years. He outlined that he is focused on Rastafarianism whereas Hall still seems divided between running her ministry and going back to her ‘Lady Saw’ days.

“Lady Saw you make me feel like me wah cry rasta…mi a look pan yuh things dem weh yah post bout how dem a trouble you it betta yuh just go back out deh and answer dem..weh dat fah?” he questioned.

He said that contrary to what the public is saying, that she was never a Christian, he believes that she was, but she is being led astray. He next questioned what she is going to do after she “beat dem and lash dem”, if she will return to Christianity once again or if she will remain in Dancehall.

Muta said Minister Hall should take a step back from the chaos and reconsider all that has happened and what will happen after she returns, if she returns. “Den yuh nuh si seh yuh ago guh a hell now…. what next, what next a wonda if yuh ago tun to Rasta or Islam or sup’n,” he also stated.

The audio clip was shared on YouTube by Soulchat TV.

Watch the video below:

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