Overseas Training Cut Short for JDF Officer Accused of Sexual Harassment; Persons with Information Asked to Come Forward

Following numerous allegations of sexual assault against a high-ranking Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) officer, the accused who has been abroad for training, has been ordered by the JDF to return to the country in order to aid investigations. Suitable disciplinary actions are expected to commence after his return.

Allegedly, the officer in question, sexually assaulted over sixteen female JDF members of the headquarters located at Up Park Camp, St. Andrew. Reportedly, he promoted the women who kept quiet as a form of incentive.

The Force declared that the identity of the victims will continue to remain confidential to prevent any legal mismanagement of the case and to protect their right to privacy.

Chief of Defence Staff, Rear Admiral Antonette Wemyss Gorman stated, “Since taking office in January 2022, I’ve been strident in my stance against any act of Sexual Harassment involving any service member within the JDF, regardless of their gender.”

Additionally, she remarked that any situation involving sexual harassment is taken seriously by the Force and “any breach against the Sexual Harassment (Prevention) Policy (whether verbal, nonverbal, physical, written, visual or graphic) which was crafted during my tenure as Force Executive Officer (FXO) in 2018.”

Anyone with information that can assist with the smooth pursual of the matter is being asked by Rear Admiral Wemyss Gorman to provide information.

A formal report can be made by emailing [email protected] or by contacting the Inspector General Department or calling HQ JDF at 876-836-2158.

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