PM Holness Ready to Support Haiti As Crime Wave Continues, Many Jamaicans Are Concerned

With the surge of ongoing crime that has taken over the populace of Haiti, Jamaica’s Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has vowed that the country is ready to back its Caribbean neighbour in its time of crisis.

Reports state that Holness is prepared to lend support bilateral in nature, which includes logistics, electoral reform and capacity building. It was also mentioned by the Prime Minister that Jamaica== is willing to be the host country that supports a mediation meeting so that all the parties included in the conflict have a neutral ground to discuss the conflict.

During a parliamentary statement that was given on Tuesday, Holness said that the deployment of security forces is being considered as part of the multinational team being sent to Haiti. “Both the JDF and the JCF have been alerted to this possible course of support and they would have started to plan for such eventualities as part of their routine situational awareness and response awareness,” he stated.

Holness is ready to back Haiti, who has been the victim of brutal gang violence subsequent to the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021, but frowns upon the killing of numerous police officers by criminal Haitian gangs. Seeking to put a stop to “powerful gangs and militias which carry out heinous crimes,” the Prime Minister mentioned that law enforcement in Haiti needs to be sufficient enough that criminal entities cannot overcome.

In response to the post by the Jamaica Gleaner on Twitter, man Jamaican citizens shared their views on how they believe that the Prime Minister is biting off more than he can chew.

Someone stated, “I hate to break it to him. Having lived and worked in Haiti and later with fisherfolk from Haiti -him late. This has been brewing and impacting Jamaica’s crime for over 10 years. It’s VICIOUS in Haiti- Holness CANNOT mediate this. Bigger than him,” while another individual expressed, “Jamaica is concerned? You and your money grabbing opportunists friends are concerned about what you can gain from this. We have so many issues of our own. Let’s dance a yard before we dance abroad!!!!”

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