Police Discover $300 Million Worth Of Ganja In St. Thomas

US$2 million ganja was seized last week, which equates to approximately JM$305 million, during a joint operation between the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Narcotics Division and St Thomas colleagues.

The ganja was discovered on a truck that was left abandoned and parked in a section of the Roselle district. Reportedly, the joint police team were searching the enclosed body Isuzu motor truck around 8 a.m when they came upon 2000 pounds of compressed ganja that were disguised among other food products.

It has been reported that in some areas of Portland and St. Thomas, drug trafficking has become a reoccurring problem and the police are currently requesting the citizens’ help. Citizens are urged to reach out with any information that they might have, they can contact by calling Crime Stop at 311, police emergency 119 or the Narcotics Division at 876-923-5729 or 876-923-6184.

Another drug trafficking incident took place on March 29 when a welder named Jason Johnson was arrested along Buff Bay main road of Portland. Reportedly, the 45-year-old man from Rose Hall district, St Elizabeth, was caught with approximately 600 pounds of compressed ganja inside of his Nissan Wingroad motor car around 2:00 pm and both the vehicle and the drugs were seized.

Johnson and the vehicle were suspected of breaching the Dangerous Drugs Act, and he was later charged for transporting allegedly US$600,000 (approximately JMD$91.5 million) worth of ganja.

On April 2, Johnson was charged with possession of ganja, dealing in ganja, taking steps to export ganja, conspiracy to export ganja and trafficking ganja.

Johnson is to appear before the Portland Parish Court Thursday, April 7, 2022.

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