Queen Ifrica Hit With Lawsuit After Her Father Was Dragged Online In Several Videos As She Argues With TikTokers

Friday, June 14, 2024, 4:25 PM GMT-5

Queen Ifrica born Ventrice Morgan, renowned for her powerful Reggae anthems and activism, finds herself at the center of a legal battle with several of her family members. Recent allegations against her father have brought her personal life under intense scrutiny and now causing her legal woes.

As per a report from the Jamaica Observer, Derrick Morgan’s family acquired a Jamaican lawyer to ‘ventilate’ the matter in court. A lawsuit was filed days ago, on June 12, 2024 in the Supreme Court of Jamaica for damages to the veteran musician’s career.

Whether by coincidence or intentional, the suit comes, days after several TikTokers, notably Mackerel dragged her father online with words such as, “Likkle daddy don’t touch mi bloodcxxt their, yo father f**k yo… yo walk and bum pan yo father finga”. Many other harsh insults were hurled at Queen Ifrica with mentions of her father which in return attacked his character.

Queen Ifrica also alluded to the situation with her father during a recent(June 2024) argument online by saying, “I am not what happened to me, somebody did something bad to me and God helped me to overcome it.”

Watch one of the circulating videos below with mentions of her father.

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Almost a year ago, in August of 2023, while detailing her situation Ifrica stated, “A one room and a one bed, so inna the hours me go to bed and go lay down pon the bed, me father never ready to go to bed yet and the next thing me wake up to inna the hours […] me father a penetrate me.”

She continued, “me wake up inna the hours to me father trying fi penetrate me sexually, hold me dung inna the bed and have sex wid me and tell me seh him wife nah have no sex wid him, so him haffi dweet wid me.”

Courtney Morgan and father Derrick Morgan
Courtney Morgan and father Derrick Morgan

Regarding the lawsuit, Queen Ifrica‘s brother Merrick Morgan stated, “We are anxious to have the matter properly ventilated in court and we look forward to clearing my father’s considerable good name of these terrible and malicious allegations.”

Known for hits like “Daddy” and “Lioness on the Rise,” Queen Ifrica has built a reputation on addressing social issues through her music. The current legal issues threaten to overshadow her musical contributions and philanthropic efforts.

However, her resilience and past confrontations with controversies suggest she may navigate through these challenges while maintaining her career​.

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