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Protoje and Chronixx featured on Alicia Keys’ latest Remix

Protoje and Chronixx featured on Alicia Keys' latest Remix

Protoje and Chronixx were featured on Alecia Key’s remix of her latest single ‘Underdog’. RCA Records released it and it was co-produced by P2J and Izzy Beats. In a recent interview, Protoje explained how the collaboration began. He explained how he was approached in early January and he was in the studio with Chronixx at about 10:00 pm, when he got a call asking if he could take a 6:00 am flight out in the morning. So he wrapped up the session with Chronixx, got ready, drove to the airport and flew to Los Angeles. He got up the next morning and did the song. He also described being in the studio with Alecia. He thought she was awesome and working with her was easy as she’s very chill, very down-to-earth. It was all positive. The project manager for Chronixx, Alex Rivas commented on his involvement in the collaboration as well. “Chronixx being …

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Buju Banton Talks New 20 Track Album and his Return to Music

Buju Banton Talks New 20 Track Album and His Return Music

After a year since his release, Buju Banton has claimed his place in the upper position in dancehall. He not only, staged an epic concert in Jamaica, but he had sold-out concerts in other places around the Globe on the “long walk to freedom” tour. He made hit songs again and wants to do more music for the whole world now, that everyone can be proud of. It is interesting to hear about what he did to preserve his talent and how he now acknowledges his relentless effort to raise the standard of the music. He now says he feels good to be back home and even though he was tired after he travelled on the night he landed in Jamaica, but he was touched by the outpouring of love he felt coming from the people. He was quickly whisked away that night, but he was touched by the vibes he …

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The Cultural Impact of Reggae on the World

bob marley 2020

Reggae is the music genre that first showcased Jamaican musical culture to the world. It’s jumpy feel, with off-beat rhythms coupled with impactful and spiritual lyrics originated in the 60s. Since then, it laid cultural threads throughout the globe. The political undertones of this genre have inspired social change in many countries, promoting unity, justice, and equal rights. All over the world, you can see the impacts that reggae music has made throughout the last 60 years. The most evident influences are prevalent in European and American culture. Reggae in Europe Reggae first made an appearance in Europe near the end of the 60s. There was a large population of Jamaicans living in the working-class areas of the UK, and they brought the reggae culture with them. The youth living in these areas were intrigued by reggae music and the culture that rejected conservatism. Thus, the skinhead movement was born. …

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Females Being Exploited in the Dancehall Reggae Music Business?

suga dancehall reggae jamaican artiste

Females in the music industry have had to work twice as hard as the male artistes in order to be successful in the industry. It is said that women are pressured to sleep with men in order to do well in their careers. Persons have also said that the women who give sexual favours have been rising faster than others and it’s now seen as a thing that has become the norm now and it has been handed down to the upcoming female artistes. Some persons believe that it is natural for males and females to be attracted to each other and have relationships in all industries and there is no difference in the music business. Yet there are others who say most females are pressured to get into relationships with the men in the industry as if they don’t their talent alone won’t take them anywhere, and yet there …

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Sista Sasha Still Earning Big from Her Old Dancehall Tunes


Jamaican artistes are profiting off the new trend that International stars have started, they are sampling the dancehall music and the Jamaican copyright owners are earning as old rhythms and lyrics find favour with new audiences and artistes. The Jamaican artistes who have music out there on YouTube and other places are now smiling all the way to the bank. Sasha who is now a Gospel artiste is one of those copyright owners, and she is one of those artistes who now has her own Ministry in Christianity. She is still travelling and ministering all over, she has been to the Middle East, and performed in places such as Dubai and other places where Islam is popular, but she is brave and still cautious. As soon as the show is over, she goes back to her hotel room and lock up. She said, in her early years she only went to church …

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Wayne Wonder, Bugle and Suku Ward 21 Talk Copyright Protection in Dancehall

Wayne Wonder, Bugle and Suku Ward 21 Talk Copyright Protection in Dancehall

Dancehall music wasn’t being played as much before worldwide, as it is being played now, it is now playing on the international scene more than before however mostly songs from the 90s. International artistes are taking parts of the 90’s dancehall music and they are mixing it with their music to make hits and they are putting it out again in new ways and as different genres.  This has been something they were doing a long time before, but it is happening more now. Rihanna and the big artistes have been borrowing from Jamaican music and the Jamaican producers are now profiting from the music they had produced long ago, when their publishing is set up in the right way. Bugle believes the 90’s dancehall cannot be surpassed, and that is where the popular artistes are going to find music to sample in order to produce hits. The Jamaica producers who have …

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RUMOUR: Buju Banton New Album titled “Upside Down”

Buju banton laughing smiling 2019

Buju Banton recently performed on stage at the KICC in Nairobi, Kenya. He said he got the energy to produce music over the years because he sings from a clean heart with pure thoughts and still sees music as a creative force that empowers people, as there is a symbiotic relationship between the artiste and the music. He also said it is the blessings, of the most-high Jah. His next album will be coming out in April this year it will be called “Upside Down” according to sources. It will sort out the lives of people he says. He gives thanks for the people who recognize his work because he works hard to put out his music, but he wants to see his music help to uplift his people and make them feel fulfilled because of his songs. He said this when he was asked about winning the Grammy. Buju …

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Shaggy Talks Dancehall Reggae Top Streamers

Shaggy streaming numbers

“Jamaica is in a much better place now than when Shaggy started 30 years ago with Oh Carolina, dancehall music was not being talked about in the mainstream, there was no internet to create fans and have a reactive fan base. The fact that dancehall music is a part of a regular culture is a great thing.” Shaggy revealed. He said, Afro Beat artistes are now saying everything came from Africa. Now all three genres, Reggaeton, Afro Beats and Hip Hop are streaming a lot more than Dancehall and Reggae. Reggae is now getting the lowest streaming even though the other genres were born out of Reggae. Every genre makes mistakes along the way, and we are not short of talents, for example, Sean Paul, himself and others. When Jamaica is so small compared to other places it is amazing how much talent comes out of the island, but he …

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