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Shabba Ranking to Perform at Reggae Sumfest 2020

Shabba ranks and his grammy

Joe Bogdanovich revealed that this year’s Reggae Sumfest will be even better than last year because he has signed Spice and she is not only the female dancehall artiste who will be crowned. He is also supporting female artistes all over the world because they have been rising. He has signed Koffee the Grammy kid and then he was so proud to announce that the first Jamaican to win a Grammy will be on the show and he is talking about no one else but Shabba Ranking. The last time he performed in Jamaica was 2012, but this year our local kings and queens in the music business will be on the show making the event very special. Reggae Sumfest this summer is expected to be one of the best, the organizers have presented a limited discounted flash sale for patrons to get their tickets secured at the lowest prices months …

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Reggae Sumfest 2020 Discounted Early Bird Tickets Go On Sale!

reggae sumfest 2020

Reggae Sumfest this summer is expected to be one of the best, the organizers have presented a limited discounted flash sale for patrons to get their tickets secured at the lowest prices months before the prices and demand go up. The tickets are going on sale for Reggae Sumfest 2020 this Tuesday at midnight (12:01 AM this Wednesday Feb 26 EST / Jamaica Time). Tickets will be available for all nights. Spice, Koffee, Stylo G, daddy1 have been booked for Sumfest 2020, more names are expected to be added soon.

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This is Rising Dancehall/Reggae artiste “OZYON”

Ozyon reggae dancehall artiste

This week YARDHYPE features rising artiste Ozyon who is seeking to add a breath of fresh air to the Reggae and Dancehall music industry with his positive vibes and witty lyrics. We had a question and answer session with Ozyon, below are the results. Q: Where Are You From? A:  St. Andrew Q: How long have you been doing Music and what causes you to start? A: Ever since I was a kid going to church is what causes me to start my love for music Q: Your Favorite verse? A: “Careful of the friends you keep” is my fav verse Q: Favorite  Artiste? A: Bob Marley Q: What’s next (Any new Project, Music video/single )? A: Yes, my latest project is called pain mixtapeV1.0 Q: What Keeps You grounded (Things you do to relax/chill) ? A: My kids and my love for music Q: What do you miss/love the …

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Koffee’s Mother Tells How She Watched Her Daughter Rise to Stardom

kofee and her mother

Joan Williams is referred to as the Coffee maker because she is Koffee the Grammy winner’s mother. She still goes to work to earn her own money because she wants to continue being independent even though Koffee has become a superstar. She can’t find words to explain how she feels about Koffee’s success as she still sees her as her last child “wash belly”. In a recent interview, Joan said she taught her daughter how to be independent, and she doesn’t want to depend on her, so she continues doing her job. She remembers how much she enjoyed raising Koffee whose given name is Mikayla Simpson, as she was a quiet child who loved staying home.  She said Koffee once asked her about the middle name she was given which is ‘Victoria’ and she remembers telling her that it was a name for rich people, and she would be rich …

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Koffee to Sign US Deal with RCA

Koffee signed with Columbia Records in 2018 in the UK and the label is planning to take her to To do bigger audiences in the US now that she has won the Grammy. However, the US licensee is RCA Records which is a sub-label in the Sony Music Entertainment Sony Group.  Unger Hamilton who is the President of Columbia UK has revealed that things will remain the same for her music as the label will try to replicate what they did in the UK in the US. Sales Trackers showed that 4,800 copies were sold stateside in March last year after Koffee’s debut EP ‘Rapture’ was released by Columbia Records in the UK in March 2019. Rapture peaked at 43 on Billboard Magazine’s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Chart and 
number 70 on the UK albums Pop Chart. The Columbia UK President also said Koffee’s album will be released this year. Denroy Morgan was the first Jamaican …

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Buju Banton Rocks Nairobi, Kenya

Buju Banton performance in Kenya

Reggae/dancehall star Buju Banton alongside his enigmatic 10-piece Shiloh Band performed his first concert in Africa following his release from prison on the Valentines day aftermath of Saturday 15th February, 2020 at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), Nairobi Kenya. And what legendary night of destiny it was! A mammoth crowd turned out to watch Buju Banton aka Gargamel live again (and for the second time in Africa but first time since he was released from prison) after such a long period and of deprivement and a long walk to see him reach the motherland. After much anticipation, speculation and two time postponement of his show, Buju’s first performance since being released from federal prison in the U.S. could not have been held in a more fitting location. The KICC, an iconic symbol of Kenya and the one piece that no picture says “this is Kenya” if it does not …

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Sir. Coxsone Dodd and Studio1, Greatest pioneer of Jamaican Music

Sir. Coxsone Dodd and Studio1, Reggae's Birth-Place

Sir Coxsone Dodd was the founder of Studio 1 and it was the place where Reggae was born.  It has been transformed into a museum. The walls are now filled with murals and many persons are now going there as they remember the days when great music was being produced there by the greatest pioneer of Jamaican music. Sir Coxsone Dodd received his biggest honour from the Government of Jamaica 5 days before his passing and then Brentford Road was renamed Studio 1 Boulevard. Born‎: ‎26 January 1932, he was 72-year-old when he passed on May 4th 2004, it’s said that he was very happy about the recognition his work had received. Lascelles Perkins, one of the artistes who recorded a song at the studio over 50 years earlier spoke about how good he felt about the transformation of the place. He is now 88-year-old and he is feeling good …

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Buju Banton Radio Interview in Africa (Kenya) [Video]

Buju banton interview in kenya

Check out this entertaining and eye opening interview from the Gargamel Buju Banton while he visits Kenya in Africa. One person commented, “Buju Banton The Gargamel, Most Conscious, Most consummate, Most Awoke artist, He is like da Modern day Bob Marley or better yet Modern day Malcolm X …” It’s not an easy road a many see a glamour & a glitter so dem think a bed of rose” while another said “This is why he is the KING 👑 he is. Humanitarian, intellect, charismatic, authentic, wisdom. We are so proud of Buju Banton. Kenya is so fortunate to get the first real interview since he is back. 🙏🏾 Long life and blessings for Buju Banton.”. Watch the full video below Buju Banton Tours Maasai Market in Kenya

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Capleton Wants More Shows in Jamaica


Capleton the Rastafarian Reggae artiste will perform at several concerts that are a part of the package at Jamaica Rum Festival, this year and he is aware that some persons are wondering about his presence on the show because of his beliefs. He emphasized that he won’t be partaking in any alcoholic beverage, Capleton said that rum is an integral part of the Jamaican culture, and there’s no way that anyone can ignore the fact. “I don’t drink rum but, yuh know, rum is a part of our culture. Plenty people who don’t drink rum always have a bottle in dem house. When people sick, dem rub up inna some white rum and it works for them,” the artiste said, and he also drew a parallel with white rum and his Fireman moniker. “Remember that the ancients used to call rum ‘fire water’,” the fireman said, adding to make his …

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Jah Cure Reacts to Social Media Comments About His Ex’s New Lover

jah cure

Top Reggae Singjay Jah Cure cautions the persons who are tagging him on Instagram, when sharing images of his ex-wife Kamila McDonald and her new love interest in a big way. In a 18 second video he warned, “No woman caan mek mi move it”, he stood shirtless in front of a family portrait of himself, Kamila and their daughter, which was on a wall in his home. “And I don’t care how much man she deal with, dis is a respectable photo that will always be in my house,” he said, pointing at the image. Cure went on to state that “When oonu si di woman wid har man, oonu luw har and don’t tag mi, cause I am happy with my life an mi hav mi woman dem!” he said, emphasizing the last word for greater impact. On August 7, 2011 the two had exchanged their vows at the Tryall Club in …

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