Scammers Abstain From Sex To Improve Luck

For a very long time scammers have been turning to the occult world to protect themselves from evil and law enforcement officers, but they also indulge in rituals to improve their luck, which included staying far from sex and even baths.

Recently, a group claiming to be scammers disclosed to The Star that they used oils, incense and scented candles ensure that they were successful when tricking Americans that they won grand prizes.

“All we do is get the client name and light up we candle, rub on the oil and talk what we desire from the client. Dem time when we a chop, we don’t bathe because we don’t want rub off the luck and we nuh have sex cuz we body haffi pure,” one of the teens explained.

Many scammers also wear guard rings, while some Choppaz have been reportedly indulging in rituals that include drinking from human skulls. Back in 2016 police reported that scammers were even believed to be conducting human sacrifices.

The four teenage boys, who the media observed were not older than 16 proceeded to scam a victim that they called a “client” with the guidance of a seasoned scammer. The first reluctant “client” agreed to pay the “small fee” of US$400 to the desired Cashapp Account. Reportedly, the teenager has been scamming for more than a year, and his friend from a call centre gave him the victim’s information.

He also explained that everyone who assisted in the scam “eat a food”.

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