Shabako Speaks His Story Of “Faith” To The World

A fresh face to the Dancehall space, Shabako is beginning to pave his path in the industry and since recently he kicked off that process in every seriousness of the game with the release of his latest track entitled “Faith”.

The entertainer whose real name is Dwayne “Shabako” Stewart was born in the year 1991 in the old capital of Spanish town. Based in Eltham Park Shabako grew up with his mother and other relatives, who according to the artiste had music as something that has always been embedded in them.

As his journey unfolded the entertainer says at the age of three, he moved to the parish of Westmoreland to live with his paternal grandmother and spent the next 15 years of his life with her.

Growing up Shabako was exposed to music early in his life through his uncle who had a passion for the craft, to the point where he created his sound system popularly known as “Warr Paxx International” which the entertainer said he would gain singing experience from by vocalizing along with songs from different genres which helped him to develop immensely.

According to the “Faith” artiste, the music eventually became something he fell deeply in love with which led him to even participate in the J.C.D.C festival for schools as a drummer. 

Based on the level of talent he had shown, Shabako explained to Yardhype Entertainment who he linked up with that his schoolmates were very much inspired and went on to call him   “Antsman”, something which the entertainer said they were much delighted about knowing that they had their very own deejay.


The musical progress continued with the artiste as continued to sharpen his lyrical skills by freestyling which he maintained upon moving to Kingston where he finally realized with his little brother that music was something ordained for them. 

It was at this point that Shabako said he and his sibling began to bask themselves in writing quality songs with a classical sound, which eventually provided them with the opportunity to perform at numerous events.

Things were not always peachy, however, the entertainer recalls many roadblocks on his journey, which included hardships, and multiple disappointments that came with his relocation. For Shabako, giving up was not an option and he still went on to discipline himself to the music, eventually taking on the name “Kritical” which he explained he got due to his critically hard-hitting dancehall lyrics. 

It was not until he began to evolve into a more positive and conscious individual that the artiste said he decided to use the name “Shabako” as to him it was the best representation of the things he now spoke about such as life and nature. 

This change as the entertainer puts it was used by him as a catalyst to a cleaner, healthier, soul rendering style, which would make his music fit to be even listened to by mothers. 

As such the transformation has seen Shabako releasing the track “Faith” which speaks about his struggles, throughout his journey, and the feelings he carries in his heart due to the troubles he experienced through people. The singjay has decided that faith is the best route and now things seem to be working out for him in the best possible ways since his song has been picking up much traction throughout Jamaica.

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Watch the music video for “Faith” below.