Sha’Carri Claps Back At A Criticism About Her Track and Field Abilities

American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson’s once thriving career in track and field has gone downhill since first making a name for herself in 2019 when she was running 10.75 seconds and broke the 100m record at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships.

Richardson’s overly-confident attitude about her abilities on the track yet failing to display such on several occasions have caused her to be constantly ridiculed by social media users. On one such comment, a user questioned her prowess and consistency on the tracks, “You do everything but run fast when it’s time too”.

However, she quickly clapped back with a comment to insinuate that despite the negativity, she is financially able to maintain her family, whilst asking the person if they are able to do the same.

“But any time my family needs anything or wants it, I can provide, can you say the same,” Sha’Carri commented.

Earlier in June, Richardson failed to qualify for the United States (US) trials in the 100m and 200m events after a disappointing fifth-place finish on the tracks. As a result, she did not compete World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

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