Shaneil Muir and Ex-Fiance Go Back and Forth Online – Watch Videos

Tuesday, July 2, 2024, 4:31 PM GMT-5

Following their split earlier this year, Shaneil Muir and her ex-fiance, Travis, are now airing their grievances online, with each sharing their side of the story surrounding the bitter breakup.

After the pair split, rumours about what caused the end of their engagement have been circulating online, with Shaneil suggesting in a post that over $1 million had been stolen from her. As things remain tense between the pair, Shaneil recently took to social media to lash out at Travis.

In a video, the artiste shared that after breaking up with Travis in April, 2she moved her things out of his house, as that was the agreement. However, it was her mother who pleaded with her to at least leave him with the bed and a dresser for him to use.

Despite this, Shaneil said Travis continues to act out, and she will be returning for the remainder of what she paid for.

“Mi lef him wid di bed and di dressa. Mi tek everything else, but a beg shi beg fi him [ … ] But now him still a hype and a call mi name and a gwan. Mi a guh fi it [ … ] Because it come like yah sleep too comfortable and yuh need to get up,” Shaneil stated.

The Yamabella artiste also said that Travis has been provoking her and her family behind closed doors. In regards to the alleged money that was taken, Shaneil seemingly suggested that she was forced to repay Travis after he claimed that his money was stolen.

Following Shaneil’s claims, Travis responded to the accusations and suggested that she was the one who proposed to him. He said that after moving in with him, she wanted new furniture, as she did not wish to live in a home with the same furniture that his ex had used.

Travis said it was after this request he gave away his furniture and the home was refurbished. He went on to claim that at one point Shaneil was living with his sister, and he had his own house.

After Travis’s videos began circulating, Shaneil later told Travis to stop lying on social media and shared an alleged audio recording of the pair on Instagram. During the recording, Travis seemingly became emotional as he discussed their relationship.

“Mi just a mek yuh know seh it really hard, becaw mi and you done know all a di tings weh yuh do [ … ] Mi and you know all a di spen weh yuh spen [ … ] Mi know yuh see everyting weh mi a do Shaneil but listen nuh, mi a show you seh it really hard. Right now mi just a pree fi see if mi can jump out. Mi just a try lef Jamaica because dis mi just nuh like how it feel. Worse yah seh yah come tek tings,” Travis stated.

During the conversation, Shaneil questioned why he chose to lie about what she had bought. She also said what he has done to her is worse than what her mother or manager ever did.

“Yuh see weh mi mada do mi already. Yuh sidung side a me, yuh deh wid mi, and yuh know weh mi manager dem do mi. Yuh si weh di manager do mi, yuh si weh people do mi, yuh si weh mi mada do mi Travis and yuh come back and yuh do mi worse,” Shaneil said.

In a separate video, the artiste further accused Travis of using her to get attention and clout online, despite her requests for him to stop.

Shaneil has since shared a clip of what appears to be a new song and is seemingly ready to put the online banter behind her.

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