Shelly-Ann Curran Lashes Out at Spice “You and Rebel a f**k”, Plus Says Spice is a “long-time Scammer” – Watch Videos

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 11:24 AM GMT-5

Shelly-Ann Curran takes aim at Spice with her own hot tea after she said the entertainer was rubbed the wrong way when she stated that Tall Up’s song was better than the Queen of Dancehall’s new release, 2085 Tea. She spilled the beans on years of kept secrets including alleged scamming activities and Spice’s relations with women.

According to Tea Time host Shelly-Ann Curran, Spice is a liar because she is adding names to a sexual “file” that has no place being there. She said that she knows nothing about any John John (Lady Saw’s ex), other than her son who has the same name, and that she had been dating Rumblood since she was 19 years old, “Rum Blood wid di good co**y.”

Curran mentioned that instead of being worried about her sex life, Spice should speak up about hers and how she used to do sexual favours to get opportunities to perform on stage. In addition, she voiced that the Tape Measure artiste should own up to Baby Cham (Cham), Nuffy Don, and even the women that she is sleeping with like Dancing Rebel.

“Weh yuh nuh come talk bout the woman dem weh yah f**k? Weh yuh nuh guh talk bout you and rebel a f**k. A dat mi wah know,” she ranted.

Moving on to money matters, Curran noted that Spice owes her money and said that she used to be a thief and a scammer before she gained fame and recognition. According to her, Spice tried to scam Shaggy and “if him did ever know say you was behind the scamming…”

Leaving Spice with a last word, Curran stated, “If yuh wah me fi tell yuh sorry fi yuh lame f**king song yesterday, it’s never gonna happen!”

The video of Curran on Live was shared YouTube by Mouta Massi.

Watch the video below:

Listen to what Spice said about Curran below:


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