Shenseea Talks Her Career, Drake, And Her Dream Guy – Watch Videos

Dancehall/pop-artiste Shenseea has opened up about her personal and professional life in a new episode of The Shade Room’s “Keep It 100” on YouTube. While shopping for a head-to-toe outfit with a $100 budget, as per the rules of the show, she answered questions that took her back to when she first gained recognition in music and to the period of the Drake rumours.

Prior to getting her big break with the collaborated Vybz Kartel song Loodi, Shenseea shared in the interview that she was a big Gaza fan, which is Vybz Kartel’s domain. After releasing Loodi in 2016, which was only her third single, Shenseea, born Chinsea Lee, quickly rose to stardom. However, Shenseea said her family had different visions for her that did not include becoming a singer. While her aunt wanted her to study and become a doctor, her mother hoped she would take the career path of a flight attendant or farmer. The latter was what her mother did when she was alive. 

Shenseea knew that she wanted to be an international singer and took a course in entertainment when her mother and aunt sent her to Tourism College. However, she could not finish the two-year course due to financial challenges. Subsequently, she left and started working with a family friend in accounting. At this time, she was pregnant with her son, who later gave her the vigour she needed to make big moves in her career. When asked if she would do a collaboration with Drake, despite all the old rumours of them previously dating, she confirmed that she would do so.

“Of course, I would make a record with Drake,” she answered. “He’s pretty talented, so of course, why not?” She added that she is “passionate” about her music, so rumours would not prevent her from making music with anyone. In fact, the two have discussed music together, but she stressed that was as far as it went. On the topic of her personal life, Shenseea revealed that the way to get her attention in the DMs is to approach her with work-related conversations. When asked if she had ever cheated, she said that she cheated on a past boyfriend after he did the same to her. She explained that he confessed to being unfaithful, and she told him she would either even the score or leave.

Meanwhile, in another video making the rounds, the Foreplay singer has outlined the qualities of the perfect beau she envisions. The 25-year-old artiste kicked off her ideal man’s list with a concise description of her prospective boyfriend’s skin colour. “I like humble black men; I love black men. Black men is my go-to for sure,” she said in the video. Along with having dark skin, the Rebel singer added that she adores tattoos on men, and he must be taller than her. Her list also included the necessity of her ideal lover being an alpha male.

 “Gotta be an Alpha ’cause it’s very hard to deal with me,” she continued. Earlier this year, Shenseea revealed that she considers herself an alpha female because she is dominant and a leader. She explained that this influenced the title of her debut Alpha album in March. Additionally, the Blessed artiste emphasized that she needs a man who makes money, given that she has her own money and does not want to be the only one buying gifts in the relationship. 

Shenseea has shown that she is a big spender when it comes to buying gifts for her loved ones. Earlier this year, as a symbol of appreciation to her managing team, Shenseea bought several icy Rolex watches, one of which was given to Romeich Major. Major later received another grand gift from the singer when she presented him with a plot of land.

Watch the videos with Shenseea below.

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