Silk Boss Cheats On Brii, Says a Possible Baby #2 Is On The Way – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Silk Boss has found himself entangled in the mix of a looming family drama, as it was recently revealed that he cheated on his expectant girlfriend, Brii and that there is the possibility that he has another child on the way.

Addressing the matter during an Instagram Live session, the Montego Bay artiste stated that he is not certain about the authenticity of the claims by the young woman because a condom was used, however, plans to do a DNA test to confirm such.

“I don’t know if what she a seh bout the pregnancy is true so me willing fi wait until the baby born fi do a DNA pan har yuh seet,” he said.

Silk Boss added that though it is an unfortunate situation that he regrets, he will not neglect the child if it is determined to be his, “Mi tell har seh watch yah nuh, mi don’t sure if a my youth. So if a my youth, mi will tek full responsibility as a man if a my own.”

Divulging further, the Sorry entertainer proceeded to dismiss rumours that he was in a relationship with the estranged young woman by claiming that it was a “one-time” thing and that there was no form of love nor strings attached.

“No mi and har no deh man, no strings no attached. Mi just buck har one one time dawg and mi and har just end up and some style dawg,” he is quoted saying.

Seemingly battling a mix of emotions, Silk Boss acknowledged that he was wrong for cheating on his long-time girlfriend and manager, Brii, and shared that she is deeply hurt by the situation. “Right now dawg Brii wouldn’t even look pan mi. Right now she downstairs literally a cry eye water mi cya believe.”

Meanwhile, on his Instagram story, a video was shared of Masicka’s hit track, “Love Story,” a single which speaks to forgiveness and conquering one’s love despite past mistakes.

Watch the recorded Instagram Live of Silk Boss by Tell U TV below: