Silk Boss Sings Along to Song He Wrote for Brii – Watch Video

Fans of dancehall artiste Silk Boss seemed to be braced on the edge of their seats for new music since he was embroiled in a cheating scandal, and the Life Story entertainer did not disappoint.

After it came to light that the 21-year-old cheated on his girlfriend, Brii, and might have gotten the other woman pregnant, Silk Boss admitted his mistake, apologized and proposed marriage with flowers and chocolate in hand.

During an Instagram Live some hours ago, the artiste gave his fans a preview to a song dedicated to his fiancée. Although the name of it is yet to be announced, his supporters are very excited about its release.

In the single, Silk Boss tells Brii that she is the only one for him, laments on his mistake and declares his love for everyone to hear.

“Mi wish the time could a reverse, mi swear to God mi girl mi neva wah yuh hurt…the pain innah yuh tears when you a cry them pan mi shirt, mi know say mi f**k u mi should a neva dish yuh dirt,” he sings. He continues by adding, “mi a tell uh mi G, dis yah song yah weh mi write a fi mi message to she…one love and a she…me a beg yuh please…baby nuh leave my house, pain me a feel right now, baby nuh leave.”

The Sorry hit artiste was singing along to the song and likened Brii to an angel who makes his pain disappear just by seeing her.

There was no date attached for the release of the track but looking back at the timing for when Sorry was released after the assault back in August, fans are looking forward to it being sometime soon.

Watch the video below: