Sir P Returns with Telling Info on Aidonia – Watch Video

Popular and controversial vlogger Sir P has claimed that Aidonia is part of a criminal organisation while addressing a public message Aidonia had sent him some time ago. Back in August 2022, Aidonia made a statement during a performance at Boom Sundays, wherein he said that Sir P would die. Responding to that message after all that time, Sir P took to his YouTube channel, Politricks Watch, and made several shocking revelations some hours ago.

“You know him as Aidondia, but me know him as Pepsi. Pepsi was a sheltered child, but Pepsi wanted to be a badman,” Sir P said, adding that when Aidonia began earning money from his music career, he started associating with criminals.

Sir P continued by asserting that Aidonia was putting on a charade, attempting to portray himself as a hardened criminal when, in reality, he was a “sheltered mama’s boy acting tough.” He described him as a “complete joke,” recounting how years ago Aidonia had gone around trying to find a gang to join, and, through Vybz Kartel, he became affiliated with the Gaza Clansman Link.

However, according to the vlogger, the ties between Aidonia and the Gaza Clansman Link were severed, leading Aidonia to seek out another gang. That said, Sir P explained that the alleged threat that Aidonia sent him was because of the reports he did informing the public of the singer’s latest affiliations, which he says include gangsters known as “Ninja and Dave.”

Sir P claimed that the gang Aidonia is a part of now wants him dead, which is news he heard from blogger AugustTown876 over a month ago. During that time, AugustTown876 also said his own life was in danger because of his reports, and he instructed Sir P to keep something on his behalf for some time should any harm befall him. The blogger, who is known as Nigel Walford, died sometime after.

“Nigel knew he was going to die,” Sir P continued, adding that he initially did not believe anything would happen to the blogger but learned that the blogger’s identity was exposed and widely known by the public, which made things take a tragic turn.

According to Sir P, the death of the blogger also included crooked cops who colluded with the gangsters and haunted Nigel. However, Sir P vowed that the threats he received would “not go unpunished.”

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“The people dem behind a dis, congrats you’ve won, or have you?” Sir P asked before the video concluded.

Watch the video of Sir P talking about Aidonia below: