Sizzla Explains Why He Burnt DJ Khaled’s Plaques: “I Can’t See My Name”

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 9:52 AM GMT-5

In an interview aired on Monday, veteran Reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji discussed the viral video of him burning the platinum plaques given to him by record producer Dj Khaled, sharing that his issue was mainly because his name was too small.

In 2022, Sizzla released a video of him dismantling and incinerating two certified platinum plaques sent to him by Khaled to commemorate his contribution to his albums Grateful and Father of Asahd. The video quickly began circulating in both local and international media, with many speculating what led to the fallout.

Speaking with The Fix podcast, Sizzla said that he was mainly upset with the font used for his name on the plaques, with Khaled’s name far larger than his. The artiste further expressed that his name represents the Jamaican people who helped Khaled reach his current position of success.

“Honestly, there’s no business issue with burning the plaque with Khaled [ … ] The whole principle about it was that I can’t see my name. With this miniature font, I can’t see my name. And it was my name that you love so much that had brought you to that stage. So why I can’t see my name [ … ] Why is it your name so big and I can’t see my name?” Sizzla questioned.

Sizzla went on to explain the significance of his name and expressed that it is something to be treated with respect and not played with. According to the Solid as a Rock artiste, he did not discuss the issue with Khaled before burning the plaques, as the producer should have known better.

In addition to the size of the name on his plaque, Sizzla also disclosed that the paperwork behind the work he did on the album, such as him being credited, has not been completed in its entirety.

“There’s a lot of stuff to it, but we might not say according to what we’ve inked. Because if I do something for you, you should be doing something back for me. And you haven’t been on any records for me, and I’ve been on records for you, and according to what we’ve inked in the contract, the agreement, you should be doing some other stuff,” Sizzla stated.

Watch Sizzla’s interview below.


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