Sizzla Reveals that ‘bad police record’ Caused His Visa to be Taken Away Not his Homophobic Lyrics

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 3:06 AM GMT-5

Reggae veteran Sizzla Kalonji has stated that his US work visa was revoked because he has a bad police record. There was speculation that his visa was revoked due to his homophobic songs. 

His US work visa was first revoked in 2008, then reinstated in 2016, only to be revoked again for several years. Earlier this year, it was revealed that his visa had been reinstated. According to Sizzla, he was caught with marijuana and charged years ago, which affected his police record and led to his visa issues.

In a newly released interview with The Fix, Sizzla stated, “It’s not your lyrics make you don’t get your visa, is your work permit. Is your work permit you supposed to protect, and you get your work permit through a good police record.”

He highlighted factors that contribute to having a work permit, including how a person conducts themselves, treats others, and whether they are involved in any criminal activities.

Additionally, Sizzla indicated that he is unbothered by the previous visa issues, which he said was his same reaction to being banned from various countries and events in the past.

Notably, a number of top dancehall artistes are not allowed to perform in the United States, which seems to be the result of having a bad police record. Many entertainers refrain from discussing the reason behind their visa issues and it is often speculated by the public that the lyrics of their songs affect their visa.

Watch the interview with Sizzla Kalonji below:


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