Sizzla Says He Records 9 Songs On Average Per Day, Can Record 12 If He Wants To “I’m well above 80 album… i’m close to about 90, 95”

Monday, June 17, 2024, 4:59 PM GMT-5

After speaking about how much of an influential figure he is in the Reggae community, Sizzla Kalonji touched on his musical prowess and album-making abilities during an interview. The interview with the Reggae icon was released on Monday.

During the sit down with the hosts of The Fix, Sizzla also spoke about his work ethic and how easy it is for him to record multiple songs per day.

When asked about his work ethic Sizzla responded, “I got a great work ethic I would say…I am the Reggae icon, I am the person the nation look towards in getting this work done, whether it be a short or a lengthy time.”

Labelling it as his duty to always be on top of his game, he stated that if he decides to get an album done in three days, he will record three songs a day to total twelve by the third day of recording. “Sometimes I would be like this is reggae music and we must maintain this genre of the music,” the stated.

Being a creative individual, Sizzla who sometimes takes on other missions highlighted that he doesn’t record every single day, “I don’t record everyday but…I can do an album a day.” He details that on average, he records up to nine songs a day, but can record up to twelve songs per day for an album.

“I’m well above 80 album… i’m close to about 90, 95,” he stated with regard to the amount of musical projects(albums) he put out since the start of his career. He went on to state that putting out albums is “trivial” to him and he’s just doing work.

Sizzla also disclosed that he has more albums unreleased than the ones that are released.

Watch the video below:


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