Skatta Burrell Talks Ishawna S-Class Benz Gift and Her Fight in Dancehall – Watch Interview

The relationship between controversial dancehall artiste Ishawna and producer Skatta Burrell has been a topic of contemplation for many as Skatta has spoken out on multiple occasions in her defence.

During a recent interview on The Fix, Skatta was asked about their closeness and the real reason why she bought him an S-Class Benz as a present.

“The S-Class. Annuh just, like you just being a good producer make you get that right?” In response to the question, Skatta declared, “Why not? Yeah.”

The interviewer then interjected that women do not usually spend that much money on men “just suh.” Skatta stated, “No man a joke yah make man. I mean, if you good to people and them decide to be good back to you, I don’t understand why that’s a problem. I’ve stood by Ishawna, I’ve supported her.”

Briefly touching on the subject of Reggae Sumfest (The Return) 2022, and whose idea it was to perform with the cardboard cutouts onstage, Skatta said that because of his close friendship with Merciless, who had passed a little before the shows staging, he said, “is like me innah a daze dem time deh. Merciless a mi bredren, a him build me innah music.”

The producer said that he was not in the right state of mind back then but that even if he was “mi wouldn’t tell her fi stop…probably mi would a add to it.”

Once again speaking out on Ishawna’s behalf, Skatta mentioned that the Equal Rights singer has had a turbulent carrier by way of some of dancehall’s most influential people trying to tear her down. Without mentioning any names, he said that someone did an interview “and paint a horrible picture” of her, which did a number on her professional life.

Touching on her fairly new signing, Skatta said that Ishawna is mentally in a great place right now and that there are a lot of future plans to look out for.

Ishawna recently released her New Child music video which currently has 185 thousand views, 16 thousand likes and is number nine on trending for music on YouTube. She also has an upcoming music video for her collaboration with English singer Ed Sheeran for their single Brace It.

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Watch the full interview below: