Soldier and 2 Others Nabbed For Abduction in Manchester

A Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldier has been arrested along with two other men for the alleged abduction of a market vendor in Manchester.

The vendor, who had returned to the Nevermind district of Christiana after selling his produce in Downtown Kingston, was reportedly abducted by armed assailants on Thursday. Reports state that the vendor was able to escape capture by jumping from the vehicle that was transporting him along the Christiana bypass after he overpowered his abductors.

The abductee quickly made his way to the Christiana police station and reported the incident to the authorities. He was reportedly robbed of $50,000 as well as a Samsung Galaxy A20 cell phone.

The police’s investigation of the abduction led them to a shop in the Dobson district, where the three accused were found. Upon a search of the premises, a substance resembling marijuana, as well as illegal ammunition and cigarettes, were discovered.

The police’s search was extended to the shop owner’s car, and an illegal firearm, suspected to be the one used in the abduction, was seized, and all three men were apprehended.