Spice and Danger Give New Details About Their Bitter Fallout – Watch Videos

Saturday, June 15, 2024, 7:16 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Spice detailed her fallout with one of her former dancers, Danger, on Saturday, who alleged that she was sexually assaulted by her former fiance, Nicholas Lall, while employed by the artiste.

Spice released her single 2085 Tea on Friday, with the track alleging that one of her former employees had slept with her ex. While the track did not mention anyone by name, Danger later reacted to the single, stating that it was Spice’s crucifixion time and she was receiving her karma.

During an Instagram live stream on Saturday, Spice spoke about her new single and the reactions she has been getting. She questioned why some people are upset with the single, especially when she could have been far harsher in what she revealed.

Addressing Danger’s statements, Spice detailed how she met her and her brother while they were struggling and how she helped her career. Spice shared that after meeting Danger, the pair had become as close as sisters, but her actions later made her afraid of forming any more friendships.

According to Spice, they became so close that she chose her to go on tour with her instead of dancer Stacy Xpressionz, who had been working with her prior to meeting Danger. She added that people began accusing her of favouritism, but she had taken pity on Danger, who often played the victim.

The Needle Eye deejay went on to state that while on tour, Danger and Nicholas had slept together; something at the time she believed was consensual and ultimately led to their fallout. Spice went on to share that it was not until years later that Danger contacted her via Instagram and said that she was ready to tell the truth.

At this point, Danger accused Nicholas of raping her while on tour. As she was not there at the time of the incident, Spice expressed that she would never call her a liar and was supportive at first.

However, Spice explained several reasons why she doubts her story.

“Di tour did go on fi mussy one month. Mi neva si nuh sign of how yuh naw talk to him. Mi neva si nug sign of you did uncomfortable. Yuh do a normal good tour. It was yuh happiest time. Yuh come home yuh get yuh million an add dolla and everyting did good. Unuh neva tell mi. Yuh neva come seh noting to mi,” Spice stated.

Following Spice’s live stream, Danger addressed Spice’s statements in a live stream of her own. Danger expressed that she was not the one who made Nicholas carry out the alleged assault and said that Spice was aware of his promiscuous lifestyle.

“Di man guh pan di road wid Vershon dem. Before di man guh pan di road yuh tell di man seh ‘Don’t bother guh drink and drunk and f**k nobody becaw mi a artiste and everybody know mi.’ That was what you said to di man. Mi guh dung a mi room [ … ] and your man come down dere come pull door and do weh him a do,” Danger stated.

Watch the video with Danger below.


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