Spice Gives History Lesson In Her Newly Released Single “Love Triangle (Pum Pum)”

After many requests from fans and trending videos being circulated on TikTok with Spice’s 2017 lyrical commentary on the Kardashian family entanglement, she recently announced that the full song titled “Love Triangle (Pum Pum)” is available on all platforms.

In the initial performance of the song in 2017, Spice had only mentioned the entanglement between Kylie Jenner, American rapper Tyga, model Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, however, she has since widened the lyrics to include other members of the Kardashian clan.

Spice mentioned the riveting situation with Kanye “Ye” West, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, her boyfriend Pete Davidson and his rumoured exes Julia Fox and Chaney Jones. In the song, she was able to give a full understanding of what the media has been reporting thus far in just one verse. The summary was precise and got straight to the point.

Meanwhile, Spice made sure to include some of Dancehall’s finest in the mix. She made mention of Bounty Killa getting the most “pum pum” in Dancehall, while also mentioning a line about the incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel and his longtime girlfriend, “All when Kartel have 40 pum pum, him only in love with Shorty pum pum.”

A catchy punchline from Spice’s song that is directed to those persons who usually criticize her usual raunchy lyrics is, “Dem seh mi love sing bout mi pum pum but I got a classy pum pum,” she went further to add that “my man right here him love mi pum pum, so mi nah stop skin out mi pum pum”.

Listen to Spice’s “Love Triangle (Pum Pum)” single below:

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