Spice Joins Live-Chat With RT Boss, Danger, Tallup And Blinga But Things Got Out Of Control

Sunday, June 16, 2024, 5:08 PM GMT-5

The Queen of Dancehall, Spice finds herself in multiple arguments following the release of her controversial song titled 2085 Tea. On Sunday, several of her former associates were on a TikTok live-chat which she chose to join, however, RT Boss got disrespectful right away.

Spice entered the Live-chat after RT Boss started to draw allegations against Spice, claiming that Baby Cham is likely the father of at least one of her two children.

RT Boss told Spice about her mother as she joined the chat, Spice was absent from the chat just seconds after joining. “Mek mi talk,” were the few words said by Spice before she was removed from the chat.

“Nuh body nuh wah yuh ova yah… Gracie guh s**k yo madda,” were some of the disrespectful words mentioned by RT Boss and Tallup. RT Boss went on to inform everyone that he was the one who kicked her off the live-chat because he did not want to be on the same chat with Spice.

As minutes passed, TR Boss rejoiced about getting the opportunity to disrespect the front-running female in Dancehall. They went on to mention that they are on a mission to “Bring Dung” Spice with RT Boss mentioning at one point that he wishes she died.

In the live chat, Danger revealed more of her recollection of her time around Spice. She also alleged that Spice did not want to help Shenseea in the initial stages of her career.

Notably, Shelly-Ann Curran also bashed Spice online, hours ago in a live chat of her own, stating at one point, “Weh yuh nuh come talk bout the woman dem weh yah f**k? Weh yuh nuh guh talk bout you and rebel a f**k. A dat mi wah know..”

The live chat that Spice joined was uploaded to YouTube by Theebarbz.

Watch the live-chat below:


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