Spice Says She Died During Surgery – Watch Video

For the first time in months since going on hiatus late last year and undergoing surgery, Dancehall artiste Spice had an Instagram live session, revealing everything she has been through during her time away from the internet. In the live stream, the singjay spoke about her health issues and how she “died” during surgery.

Before diving into her health, Spice, born Grace Hamilton, expressed her gratitude to God and everyone who prayed for her and showed concern. Continuing, she revealed that before becoming ill to the point of needing surgery, she had liposuction and a tummy tuck done. Spice displayed a photo of how her tummy looked before the surgery while explaining that she suffered from fibrosis, which means thickening or scarring of the tissue.

She said she got lumps in her belly from the fibrosis, which was evident in the image. “Because of my past surgeries that I did before, I had something called fibrosis, and it’s when you don’t get your lymphatic massages done, so you get lumps in your belly,” she stated.

According to the Go Dung Deh singer, the lumps initially did not bother her until they started showing through certain skin-tight clothes and became painful. She said she went to the Dominican Republic, changed her breast implants, which only have a 10-year life span, and had a consultation on her tummy that included a scan.

Following the consultation, she extended her stay in the Dominican Republic as per the doctor’s request, and everything was going well until she started vomiting. She was taken back to the hospital via ambulance, and the results of a second scan showed that she had a hernia.

“What was found was that I had a hernia to my side, and my intestine went through the hernia…a space in the muscle..and it erupted, but thank God that I had the hernia because it erupted on the outside of my muscle wall,” she stated. She added that if she did not have the hernia, her intestines would have erupted inside her, which would have been worse.

The erupted intestine sent her into “sepsis shock,” which meant that the sepsis started to attack some of the organs, such as her lungs, and her skin started to deteriorate. While getting emotional, Spice revealed that she was lifeless in the ER. She referred to her horrible experience as a testimony, which she had to share to show what God brought her through.

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She also shared that she had another surgery in the United States immediately after leaving the Dominican Republic. She said she had undergone four surgeries in three months, and the hospitals prohibited her from eating, resulting in her losing 35 pounds and looking different.

Watch the video of Spice below: