Spice’s Baby Father Shares Their Whatsapp Messages Plus Spice Reveals Texts From Unknown Adversary

Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 8:56 AM GMT-5

The blowout from the Queen of Dancehall‘s ‘2085 Tea’ song continues to unfold via social media. After Spice’s TikTok live on Monday in which she talked about the father of her kids; he clapped back with a reply the following day.

A video containing the reply was uploaded to King MixUp’s YouTube channel and shows Whatsapp messages exchanged between Spice and her baby father, Nicholas Lall.

The conversation started with Lall stating that Spice was spreading that he raped Danger again, even though she knows that he did not do it and he questions when she is going to lay all of this drama to rest. Spice’s harsh reply said that Lall cannot blame her for what he caused when he was trying to shame her, so he has to live with the consequences.

A voicenote was also shared by her baby’s father. “Mi wah yuh explain how mi try fi shame yuh ennuh cah everything weh RT Boss say mi never know nthn bout it ennuh…” he expressed. He then said that the dancehall hitmaker should stop deceiving the public to let them think that they broke up over him sleeping with Danger because Spice only found out 2 years after it happened.

The voicenotes went on to detail that after the rape saga came out and he was at his lowest after she said he did it, Lall said he wanted to kill himself out of shame but could not go through with it because he was not strong enough.

In reply to his voicenotes, Spice maintained that if Lall had not slept with Danger, whether he raped her or it was consensual sex, none of this fallout would be taking place. She stated, “Eh two a unnuh alone know what happen in that room, do not text me and ask mi bout how mi could a do this and how mi could a do that. Go text bl**dcl**t Danger now.”

Lall then made a lengthy post to social media calling out Spice for her behaviour and saying how they are on good terms behind closed doors as they have multiple conversations and laughs together, but then she goes ahead to shame him and use his name for clout to the public.

Watch the video below:

Hours ago, Spice was once again online speaking to her Besties and she gave an important tidbit of information stating that she received some messages from someone named Sueann that she was not meant to get.

The messages were meant for RT Boss about Spice.

Watch the video below:


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