Student Found Dead On UWI Campus

According to a developing story on the Jamaica Gleaner’s Twitter account, a deceased male student was discovered today in his dorm in one of UWI’s residential halls.

The identity of the student is yet to be released to the public. It is also unclear if the student died of natural causes or if there was any foul play involved in his untimely passing. The registrar for the institution, Dr Donovan Stanberry, informed the news that the matter was being reported to the ward’s parents.

In recent weeks, the University of the West Indies has been under the spotlight of numerous news outlets as students protested to have the Student Services and Development Manager for Mary Seacole Hall, Dr Nadeen Spence, relieved of her post. The protest did not escalate into a violent situation; however, the police were called and the situation dissolved.

It was then conveyed that the protest was sparked by an alleged situation at a sporting event earlier that day.

Since the report of the student’s death, social media users have poured out their condolences to the family and expressed their concern for what is happening at the institution.

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According to the institution’s web page, the University of the West Indies is ranked among the world’s top tertiary institutions. It is the only Caribbean-based tertiary institution to make the prestigious list.

The university also achieved the award of earning three first-place rankings in 2020, the year when the country of Jamaica was struck by the COVID-19 virus.