Student Stabbed In The Forehead At Maggotty High School

On Monday, February 7, a student at Maggotty High school in St. Elizabeth had to seek urgent medical attention after being stabbed with a pen that remained lodged in his forehead.

A picture is now circulating the internet showing the student with the gruesome pen protruding from his head.

While it was impossible to contact the principal of the school, Superintendent Dwight Daley, who is the commanding officer for the St. Elizabeth police, confirmed the horrific incident occurred after two boys got into a confrontation. 

Superintendent Daley reported that the police acted quickly in going to the school after being aware of what happened. 

Superintendent Daley also clarified to the Observer that no criminal action would be taken against the student who committed the act. He explained that the parents of both students were meeting officials at the school to rectify the situation because they didn’t want the police to get involved.

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