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Mansions on the Hillside in Jamaica [Video]

Check out this bird’s eye view of several upscale houses in Jamaican that most of us don’t get to see. From St. Andrew to St. Ann. These are some of the most expensive homes/mansions on the island. Mansions, Villas and couple Estates located in Havendale, Stadium Mountain view and Browns …

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WarZone: As Things Get From Bad To Worse in Libya [Video]

The Libyan capital Tripoli is currently going through a civil war, warlords loyal to former dictator president Gaddafi vs anti Gaddafi warlords. As the war intensifies many boarders are being pushed backwards and forwards in residential communities. The fighting has trapped thousands of innocent persons. Rockets, Machine guns are the …

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A European’s Last Day In Jamaica [Video]

So Back packing Simon has been in Jamaica for quite some time now, a few weeks, now it’s time for him to go back home and this is how he spent his last day on the Island. While in Jamaica Simon visited various local food spots and also went to …

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