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Buju Banton Dominates after Return to Jamaica and Music

Buju banton trust music video picture december 2019

After spending 10 years in a US penitentiary Buju Banton returned to Jamaica and dominated headlines for some time, but the artiste stayed out of the spotlight until the “Long Walk to Freedom” Concerts were organized and he performed at the National Stadium to a huge crowd in March 2019. It was the first concert that started the world-wide tour which turned out to be a huge success, as venues were filled all over the world wherever he went. His worldwide audience came to see him as they were curious, to see if he looked the same, if he had done new music, if he would be talking about his experience in prison, they also wanted to be there as they thought they would be witnessing a historic moment as well. Before the tour was done, his fans wondered if, and when he would put out new Music. His first …

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The Controversy Surrounding Tommy Lee and AceGawd

In a recent interview, Ace Gawd tried to clear up the controversy that has been going on because he sounds like Tommy Lee. Jamaicans are saying he is trying to take over Tommy Lee’s style and he says he has not changed his voice in any way and there is nothing he can do if his voice causes him to sound like Tommy Lee, who is another Jamaican artiste that puts out music that is similar to his. There is not much difference between both of them as they both have connections with the dark side. The EMO artiste had an evil-looking creature on his hoodie, he wears a Guard ring and deejays dark lyrics sometimes, and Tommy Lee is known in the Dancehall as the Demon. However, Ace Gawd says he and Tommy Lee have a cordial relationship, they respect each other, and he sees no sense in creating …

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Travis Scott’s New Music Addresses Kylie Jenner Split in “Gatti”

Fans believe the Grammy nominee’s new song “Gatti” seems to have some lyrics that could be making a reference to his split with the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians ‘ star and beauty mogul. He could be making music about what happened between them. Stormi Webster’s parents, Kylie and Travis are spending time apart after they were together for two years. “Duck away, she wanna lay-up and hibernate, I took a chance, it’s a lot to take”, Travis raps on the song. Kylie runs her business in Southern California and spends a lot of time with her daughter Stormi at her home, while Travis is touring, he performs all over the world. The couple now has a cordial relationship now and fans are saying both parents have different lifestyles.  Kylie also posted Travis’ music project on her Instagram story on Thursday night as she decided to promote it. She also …

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Finally, Drake Talks about Beef with Pusha T

drakes talks about not squashing pusha t beef

Drake said there is no turning back, there is no desire to mend anything with Pusha T. He will say Pusha T dropped a bomb on the world and that was a genius Chess move on his part, the information he exposed was big, exposing that he had a son. but there is a big gap between him and Pusha and there is a time when the game, has to end. He stopped responding after a while because he was getting angry, because Pusha was wishing his friend would have a terrible illness and rapping about his parents. There is a point where you are going to want to stop rapping, Drake believes. He found himself saying things that he wouldn’t want to hear himself saying in 2 years. He realized that people didn’t care about Pusha that much anyway. At the time the DNA test caused him to be …

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Kartel Criticizes Jamaica’s Justice System and High Murder Rate

Vybz Kartel at UWI talking thinking

In a post that was made on his official Instagram page recently, the incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel who is charged for murder, has criticized the authorities, he believes they have not adequately addressed the national murder rate, with over 1,000 homicides annually in recent years. It is not known if the post was written by Kartel or his handlers, but the same account that was used to respond to Kartel’s daughter, who had posted this  “🤔 every little girl needs their father… 💔 #FreeMyFather #FreeWorldBoss”, on her own page. Vybz Kartel and his daughter’s most recent pic together. Kartel hoped his verdict would have been handed down in time for him to be free for Christmas, but it didn’t happen. This comment was written below a screenshot of Kartel’s daughter’s post on his IG page, “Just keep holding it my Princess. Your father doesn’t bow to nuh bwoy nor gyal, so everybody …

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Toni Ann Singh, Jamaica’s Miss World-Ambassador-at-Large

Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh and andrew holness Made Ambassador Granted Diplomatic Passport

Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s Prime Minister announced that Miss World 2019, Toni-Ann Singh, has now been given a Diplomatic Passport so she can now travel the world with the country’s blessings. The beauty queen was named ambassador-at-large for Jamaica. The announcement was made when she made a courtesy call to his office. The Prime Minister said Toni-Ann will make a great Ambassador for both Jamaica and the Miss World Organisation.   The Jamaican who won the Miss World competition from a field of more than 110 competitors from many different countries, is 23-year-old and hails from Bath in St Thomas. The Prime Minister also said she should be supported by Jamaicans as she represents the country’s brand and does her duty to the world.  The Government of Jamaica welcomed the nation branding opportunity to boost Jamaica’s status as well.

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Interesting Things You Would Like to Know About Jamaica’s Miss World Toni-Ann Singh

toni ann singh Jamaica miss world 2019 bio learn about

Toni-Ann Singh the 23-year-old Jamaican beauty Queen who won Miss World 2019 is a dancer and advocate for mental health awareness. Who does many things when she is not handling pageant duties; she likes to sing, vlog, volunteer and cook. Singh not only exudes beauty with a purpose, she won the hearts of many persons across the world when they tuned in to watch the pageant on Saturday morning, with her confidence and her great talent. The Bath, St. Thomas, native is multi-faceted and there is so much to learn about the reigning Miss World. 1. The talented Queen can sing classical opera quite nicely! 2. She was living in Florida for over 14 years and recently returned to Jamaica. 3. She is very passionate about female empowerment and graduated recently from the Florida State University, where she was awarded with a degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies. 4. During the year when she had a …

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Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir Living their Best Life in Jamaica

gucci mane in ochi jamaica patties

Rapper, Gucci Mane and his Jamaican wife Keyshia Ka’oir have been enjoying Christmas in Jamaica, they are touring the country. Their excitement is being shared on IG, a video of them pool surfing in Ocho Rios was shared recently. He also shared a video that was uncut and raw than the resort property. In his most recent video, he had 2 paper bags filled with Jamaican patties, and he wears a wool merino in the red, gold, green and black colours, like the flag of the Ethiopian flag. He is disguised in a wool hat that matched the merino and has dreadlocks hanging out. He walked through the town and some people stared and wondered who they just saw. There were several laughing emoji’s in the comments below the video, left by A$AP Rocky, Ka’oir and Yung Miami when these popular stars reacted to the video. View this post on …

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Vybz Kartel Sends STRONG Message To His Daughter Also said This about LIZARD

vybz kartel daught asks for his freedom visit jail

Vybz kartel’s daughter Adi’Anna seemingly did not get to visit her father(kartel) over the holidays and she made a note online, she posted “🤔 every little girl needs their father….. 💔”. Kartel who seems to always be online posted the following on his social media page in reply to his daughter “Just keep holding it my Princess. Your father doesn’t bow to nuh bwoy nor gyal so everybody a try prove Acting like they care about “lizard” when 1,000 plus Jamaicans are killed every year and somehow they can’t seem to solve those cases. So nuh watch ntn Prinny, di whole world see seh dem a clown and history will shit on their memory. FUCK BOASTY SLAVE !!!”. The two according to online photos saw each other last year around this time, see pic below Also, check out this pic from 2017. Vybz Kartel and his fans have waited for …

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Foota Hype Still in Custody after Immigration Case got Dismissed

foota hype surprise detained by ice

It’s 2 days before Christmas and it’s unclear if popular dancehall selector Foota Hype will be released before 2020 even though his immigration case has been dismissed. Selector Oneil “Foota Hype” Thomas who is not now in the custody of (ICE) the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement was detained two Saturdays ago on December 14 at Port Everglades Seaport in Florida after arriving from Falmouth, Jamaica aboard the Jamrock Reggae Cruise. The case against Foota was dismissed when he appeared before an immigration judge on Thursday, December 19 in Miami, Florida however the Jamaican Consulate in Miami said the immigration lawyers involved need more time to fully resolve the immigration concerns. Foota Hype was held with regard to his travel documents and admissibility status. He has been in custody at the Krome Service Processing Center ever since. ICE website also confirms that he is at the Krome Processing Centre in …

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