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These Are The New COVID-19 Cases in JAMAICA

These Countries has No Covid-19 Case

A confirmed number of six new Covid-19 cases has appeared in Jamaica adding to the previous number of six hundred and seventy-eight (678) to now six hundred and eighty-four (684). Four females and two males of Westmorland, St. James, Hanover, Trelawny, and the corporate area addresses according to the Health and Wellness Ministry make up the new cases. The ministry went on to further explain the cases by letting the news know of the six cases, four were from the United States that arrived on flights while the others were as a result of contacts of those infected. On a lighter note, the recovery number according to the ministry has increased to five hundred and twenty-six as a result of five recent recoveries. Generally describing the numbers the Ministry closed off by declaring two hundred and thirty-six of the cases to be from the Portmore based call center while there …

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Covid-19 Pandemic is still accelerating

Who Chief Says the Covid-19 Pandemic is still accelerating

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization’s director-general told an online conference on Monday that the novel Coronavirus pandemic is still accelerating and its effects will be felt for decades He addressed a virtual health forum that was organized by Dubai authorities as the greatest threat facing the world now is not the virus, but it is “the lack of global solidarity and global leadership”.  “We cannot defeat this pandemic with a divided world, the politicization of the pandemic has exacerbated it. None of us is safe until all of us are safe.” he added.  WHO warned recently of a new and dangerous phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, with people who are tired of lockdowns despite the rapid spread of the disease. The Novel Coronavirus disease killed more than 465,000 people and infected almost nine million worldwide, it is now surging in the Americas and parts of Asia, even though …

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PM Holness on COVID-19 “We Have Been Succesful So far”

PM Holness Addresses Red Hills Road Murder

As of June 1, 2020, Jamaica entered its second phase in managing the coronavirus pandemic and as a result, several applications will continue some will stop, and also new measures will be implemented to help sustain a positive path. To Kick off his briefing on COVID-19, SARS 2 virus Holness aka “Brogad” states that “We Have Been Succesful So far”, he went on to explains that the main strategy has been containment. The chart below shows rise and fall in active cases, deaths and recoveries. It is the first time that the number of recovered patients has surpassed the number of active cases in the country. In the digital press conference, Andrew Holness also talked about government policy shifts for a planned staged return to usual economic activities. 21 COVID-19 patients have been released from isolation after being declared completely recovered. Five more confirmed cases of the disease have come …

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100,000+ USA lives lost from Coronavirus in Just 3 Months

New Coronavirus Cause Countries around the Globe to Gear up

Three months into the COVID-19 pandemic over 100, 000 persons have lost their lives. Today ABC News reported on the tragic milestone in deaths that was unimaginable a couple of months ago, the situation is being reported as “so grim”. The 100, 000 milestone was reach on May 27, 2020. On the other hand President Trump reportedly stated that it’s a success that more lives were not lost at this time, he suggested it could be millions. Learn more about the “difficult moments” the USA is experiencing in the report below. [videopress 2H31t9xy]

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J’Can In China Says He’s A Victim of Racial Abuse & ‘Bullying’


We have come across several headlines previously that broadcast the discrimination faced by foreigners in China. The situation has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for black people. A Jamaican living in china reported that since last year, several Jamaicans among the blacks living in the country have faced racial discrimination. When the first wave of the Corona virus started diminishing in China, the Chinese started restricting African nationals from re-entering the country. They assumed that the persons of African descent may bring a new wave of the virus in china and they have been subjected to physical and mental abuse since then. As reported by a Jamaican English teacher living in China, many blacks are being forced out of their apartments and not being paid or dismissed from work. The Jamaican presented himself as proof of the abuse on blacks taking place in China. His previous employers failed to …

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Study Finds That Cannabis Could Treat Covid-19

NEW STUDY SAYS CANNABIS CAN HELP IN BLOCKING CORONAVIRUS It is an undisputed fact that the spread of the coronavirus has pushed the government, pharmaceutical companies and more into looking for the perfect solution as well as to create a vaccine against the deadly infection. Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Lethbridge have been studying a way to block COVID-19 infection, and cannabis have high chances of keeping the virus away. Researchers have studied more than 400 strains of weeds and reduced the number of strains to 12: that have the greatest potential for preventing the virus. The essence of the study was to get the best way to stop the virus from finding a potential host in the oral cavities, intestines, and lungs. The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Igor Kovalchuk, said: “Some of them reduced the number of these (viral) receptors by 73%, which means the chances of the …

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Cuba and Jamaica Could be the First Countries to end Their National COVID-19 Outbreaks

jamaica earthquake

Jamaica and Cuba are two Caribbean countries that are close to ending their respective national COVID-19 outbreaks. The International volunteer coalition, End Covid-19 listed the two countries recently. End Covid-19 compiled data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and John Hopkins University, before they listed the Caribbean islands among the 32 countries that seem to have done exceptionally well to control the spread of the covid-19, as they are close to a gradual flattening of the infection curve. To completely control the virus, new cases per day must be at zero. On the map, some countries are either at that point or very close to it. Other countries are approaching that point within a reasonable time frame they are seeing a rapid decrease in the number of new cases per day. The countries that are not doing well are either going the wrong way, staying constant, or going down very slowly. …

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Health Worker Slams Behavior of Some Quarantined Returned Jamaicans

jamaican nurses coronavirus at airport

Amidst the prevailing situation of COVID-19, the Jamaican government introduced a controlled reentry program to allow Jamaicans stuck abroad to return to their homes. Around 10 health volunteers have been given the job of facilitating the approximately 160 quarantining Jamaicans at a hotel. However, everything hasn’t been very smooth and there have been many complaints recorded by health workers and the quarantined alike. According to the returning home-Jamaicans, those attending to them have a very unprofessional and non-empathetic attitude. Meals have been served inconsistently and several times have been inedible. There has been a strong and annoying smell of bleach in the corridors that creeps into the rooms of the quarantined and chokes them. The nurses argue that they are stretched to their limits trying to accommodate everyone: distributing food, maintaining hygiene, and risking their lives only to face the non-serious and unthankful behavior from the quarantined who have been …

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Louisiana Pastor Defends asking Congregants to Donate Stimulus Checks

church bible

In the middle of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, Tony Spell, Pastor of the Tabernacle Church, defied restrictions on holding gatherings with more than 10 persons. He was hit by a summons banning the gatherings before Easter.’ He is pro-life but he says peoples hope is in the house of God and he wants to pray with people and let them know that there is a balm in Gilead. He still encourages his members to gather at his church even though thousands of persons are dying in America when they get infected by Covid-19 and social distancing is one of the measures that is being used at this time to reduce the spread of the disease. Since he spoke about his decision to obey God more than man, and said God ordered his people to assemble. There are some of his members who have contracted the virus, there is even one church …

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5G Does Not Cause Coronavirus says Digicel and Flow Jamaica

5G Does Not Cause Coronavirus says Digicel and Flow Jamaica

There is a fresh wave of 5G conspiracy going around in many places and now it is being linked to the Coronavirus pandemic. Sources including Flow and Digicel Jamaica have now revealed that there is no link between the deadly virus and the current roll-out of 5G around the world recently. Flow and Digicel published the following statement… There were persons who were actually damaging the 5G poles and equipment in some communities in the UK. However, there are places in the world where the coronavirus has been spreading and there is no 5G there. Scientists have done studies to determine if radiation that is being emitted from cell phones and other devices can be damaging to the human cells.  There were other coronaviruses such as MERS and SARS that began in the wet markets in China before, and more evidence is being found that will prove that the Novel …

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