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These Are The New COVID-19 Cases in JAMAICA

These Countries has No Covid-19 Case

A confirmed number of six new Covid-19 cases has appeared in Jamaica adding to the previous number of six hundred and seventy-eight (678) to now six hundred and eighty-four (684). Four females and two males of Westmorland, St. James, Hanover, Trelawny, and the corporate area addresses according to the Health and Wellness Ministry make up the new cases. The ministry went on to further explain the cases by letting the news know of the six cases, four were from the United States that arrived on flights while the others were as a result of contacts of those infected. On a lighter note, the recovery number according to the ministry has increased to five hundred and twenty-six as a result of five recent recoveries. Generally describing the numbers the Ministry closed off by declaring two hundred and thirty-six of the cases to be from the Portmore based call center while there …

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Covid-19 Pandemic is still accelerating

Who Chief Says the Covid-19 Pandemic is still accelerating

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization’s director-general told an online conference on Monday that the novel Coronavirus pandemic is still accelerating and its effects will be felt for decades He addressed a virtual health forum that was organized by Dubai authorities as the greatest threat facing the world now is not the virus, but it is “the lack of global solidarity and global leadership”.  “We cannot defeat this pandemic with a divided world, the politicization of the pandemic has exacerbated it. None of us is safe until all of us are safe.” he added.  WHO warned recently of a new and dangerous phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, with people who are tired of lockdowns despite the rapid spread of the disease. The Novel Coronavirus disease killed more than 465,000 people and infected almost nine million worldwide, it is now surging in the Americas and parts of Asia, even though …

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PM Holness on COVID-19 “We Have Been Succesful So far”

PM Holness Addresses Red Hills Road Murder

As of June 1, 2020, Jamaica entered its second phase in managing the coronavirus pandemic and as a result, several applications will continue some will stop, and also new measures will be implemented to help sustain a positive path. To Kick off his briefing on COVID-19, SARS 2 virus Holness aka “Brogad” states that “We Have Been Succesful So far”, he went on to explains that the main strategy has been containment. The chart below shows rise and fall in active cases, deaths and recoveries. It is the first time that the number of recovered patients has surpassed the number of active cases in the country. In the digital press conference, Andrew Holness also talked about government policy shifts for a planned staged return to usual economic activities. 21 COVID-19 patients have been released from isolation after being declared completely recovered. Five more confirmed cases of the disease have come …

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Monkeys attacked Lab technician and Steals COVID Patients’ Blood Samples

A troop of monkeys in India attacked a medical official and snatched away blood samples of patients who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, authorities said on Friday, this according to India media reports. The attack reportedly occurred this week when a laboratory technician was walking in the campus of a state-run medical college in Meerut, 460 km (285 miles) north of Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh state.  “Monkeys grabbed and fled with the blood samples of four COVID-19 patients who are undergoing treatment … we had to take their blood samples again,” said Dr S. K. Garg, a top official at the college Authorities said they were not clear if the monkeys had spilled the blood samples, but people living near the leafy campus feared further spread of the virus if the monkeys carried the samples into residential areas.  Garg said it was not clear if the monkeys …

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100,000+ USA lives lost from Coronavirus in Just 3 Months

New Coronavirus Cause Countries around the Globe to Gear up

Three months into the COVID-19 pandemic over 100, 000 persons have lost their lives. Today ABC News reported on the tragic milestone in deaths that was unimaginable a couple of months ago, the situation is being reported as “so grim”. The 100, 000 milestone was reach on May 27, 2020. On the other hand President Trump reportedly stated that it’s a success that more lives were not lost at this time, he suggested it could be millions. Learn more about the “difficult moments” the USA is experiencing in the report below.

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Woman Self-isolates and still tests positive for coronavirus 8 times

A Canadian woman who contracted the coronavirus in March has tested positive for the illness for an eighth time. Tracy Schofield from Cambridge, Ontario, came down with COVID-19 symptoms including fever, chills and shortness of breath March 30 and tested positive for the first time March 31, according to CTV News. Since then, she has taken eight more tests, including one that inexplicably came back negative. She is currently preparing for her 10th test. For two weeks following her first test, Schofield self-quarantined in her room at home where her 17-year-old son also lives. During that period, she claims her fever reached 104.1 degrees Fahrenheit, and she also lost her sense of taste and smell. Now, more than 50 days later, she told CTV she still suffers shortness of breath. “COVID-19 has taken a lot out of me, and it continues every day,” she said. After producing a positive result seven times, her …

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Holness Urges Jamaicans To Follow Protols as they return to Work June 1

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, is encouraging Jamaicans who will be returning to work on June 1, to act responsibly and follow the protocols that have been implemented to lessen the possibility of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19) and minimise the spread of the virus. “We know the measures that we have to take until we get a vaccine; let us follow those measures faithfully and let us be responsible. Together we will overcome this pandemic stronger and better,” the prime minister said. The prime minister, who was speaking at a ceremony for the National Labour Day project at the St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston, on Monday, said while companies were encouraged to have their employees work from home as a part of COVID-19 safeguards, it is important for businesses to return to full capacity. He also cited a number of issues that should be addressed, including transportation and the care …

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Twelve people arrested in St. Catherine for breaches of the Curfew order

handcufs arrested jail police light

Twelve people were reportedly arrested and charged by officers from the Portmore Police Station in St Catherine for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act in the Naggo Head and Southborough communities in the parish on Sunday, May 24. They are: 1. 30-year-old Jason Carter 2. 27-year-old Suwayne Blair 3. 33-year-old Jamall Thomas 3. 20-year-old Shavon Bennett 5. 54-year-old Dennis Forbes 6. 19-year-old Kamal Gayle 7. 21-year-old Shemar Thomas 8. 40-year-old Jason Thomas 9. 33-year-old Damion Scott 10. 57-year-old Adrian McCollin 11. 32-year-old Steven McCollin 12. 63-year-old Stanford Dyer. According to reports police were on patrol in the area after the curfew hours when the individuals were seen and sent home. The police said some of them refused to go home which resulted in them being arrested and charged with breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act. They were all granted bail and are scheduled to appear in the St Catherine …

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The United Nations Development Program, UNDP, says that the coronavirus pandemic may have caused the greatest change in human development. In a note published, the UNDP indicates that the triple impact on health, income and education could have the first decline in human development since the 1990 tracking of the first concept. UNDP says reductions in key areas of human development are felt in most countries, rich and poor in all regions. He says the death toll from COVID-19 has exceeded 300,000, while global per capita income will drop 4% this year. This is linked to the school closure, for which the UNDP estimates that 60% of primary school children, adapted to reflect children without access to the Internet, do not receive education. This leads to a world level unknown since the 80s. UNDP further added that despite several crises over the past 30 years, progress in human development has …

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