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Konshens Sings About DELUS Suicide and Begs People Not to Do it

Konshens Releases New Music About DELUS Suicide and Begs People Not to Do it

Konshens sings “Suicidal, Suicidal, Suicidal a woke up on a normal day and money kept pouring in lyrics were flowing out and life was going a ok.” In the song, he spoke about his relationship with his brother who committed suicide and his brother’s child who is growing up without a father, even though she is so smart. He begs persons not to be suicidal and encourages depressed people to find someone to talk to. Right before Delus’s death, Konshens explains that he sent a birthday greeting for his brother on social media and Delus told him that it made him feel good inside. Konshens explains that he was busy doing music at the time and wished he had found time to talk to his brother for a while because they had just started to be close again. Konshens states that when he first heard the news “the world came crashing …

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Dexta Daps Court Date Set For This Monday

dexta daps arrested jail

Dancehall entertainer Dexta Daps will remain in custody at least until next week even though he has not been charged. He is being detained under the state of emergency. His Attorney Peter Champagnie says the matter is set for mention on Monday, April 20, when the judge will decide whether he will be charged or released. The dancehall Singjay was arrested by detectives from the St Andrew South Division and the Major Investigation Division and there is an ongoing investigation.  The attorney revealed that, circumstances surrounding the case will be ventilated in court, when the police is in attendance. Senior Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay stated that Dexta Daps was arrested in connection to several shootings of recent in the Seaview area and neighbouring communities. The soulful deejay is currently being held at the Hunt’s Bay police station. Because of his popularity, power and wealth, it’s alleged that he is the Don For …

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Kartel calls Beenie Man “Queer Of Dancehall”, See Beenie’s Reply

Beenie Man and vybz kartel

Vybz Kartel’s instagram is always active with daily updates it would seems. The latest update via comment from vybz Kartel’s account was a reply to a message stating that Beenie Man is the real King and not Kartel. The person wrote the following, Seemingly on one of Vybz Kartel’s posts “Beenie man a king of the dancehall, so stop give u self false title battyman”, Vybz Kartel’s response was “Hey boy marie, a beenie a fuck you?? Queer a dancehall dat”. The comment by Vybz Kartel was made public by Beenie Man, See Beenie Man’s Response below. Beene Man Posted the pic below with the following caption “We nuh kill champion, wi build champion. Blessings DJ. #Kingbeenieman 👑👈 #BeenieMan #MosesDavis #G.O.A.T” EARLIER… Kartel’s Fallout with Intence, Kartel wrote “Somn wrong wid @vevo ? or a some guys a buy trending ? ” At the time of his comment, Intence’s song …

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Vybz kartel Replies to Intence?

vybz kartel

Top ranking dancehaller Vybz Kartel felt some type of way when his newly released video with Teejay did not hit the number one trending spot right after it’s release. This statement was reportedly posted in Vybz kartel’s News Story in response to what Intence said online a day ago. A gaza fan asked Intence on his IG if “Yaaa clash skikka”, Intence replied asking “Who name suh?”, Sikka Rymes has subsequently released a diss track aimed at Intence. EARLIER… Kartel wrote “Somn wrong wid @vevo ? or a some guys a buy trending ? ” At the time of his comment, Intence’s song was trending at number one, now intence has two videos in the top 5 trending in Jamaica. While not calling any name Intence’s reply a couple of hours after was “CYA DRAW WE OUT BETTA YUH WUL UH NIGHT SLEEP😂😂😂 #1TRENDING #YENGBADNESS #GENNAJETTLIFE… PROUD A THE YOUTHS …

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Jafrass wrote this about Family Feud with Popcaan and Notnice

Jafrass Says He Has No Time For Family Feud

Amidst the current saga with the Unruly and Notnice Records camp, Dancehall artiste Jafrass is yet to make any of his issues with Popcaan public with the people online. He wrote this yesterday on one of his social media pages “Mi deven know Steve Harvey much less fi in a family feud 😃”, this after Notnice and Popcaan earlier told their side of the story with regards to their falling out. He went on to say “bun off bad energy my people we are going through some of the most dangerous times of our lives were COVID-19 has killed thousands of our love ones and endangered a lot of families” Jafrass spoke more on the COVID 19 crisis, stating “let’s not make COVID-19 win let’s stay fully quarantined and live the dream” Earlier Notnice stated that Popcaan wanted to Sign Jafrass but Jafrass did not sign and that was one …

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Kartel says Jamaica Still Ranks High in Corruption, 12000+ Killed Since His Imprisonment

Mr. Vegas made a video in which he spoke about Vybz Kartel and his case, Kartel responded with a lengthy cryptic caption “Da Bredda still exist? First of all i’ve made so many youths into millionaires both in and out of music, plus I have given so much more, my parents, sisters, brothers, personal friends and other relatives. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY MY CHILDREN WORSHIP AND ADORE ME! AND Mi BABY MADA DEM RESPECT ME AS A REAL MAN who LOVES HIS KIDS, so I don’t need validation from washed up celebs or from a society” Vybz Kartel then went on to attack Jamaica’s justice system, he stated ” so criminal that the CIA consistently ranks it so HIGH in the corruption index, it’s a wonder we haven’t floated to the clouds. #Gazanation, ya hear mi? 12000+ Jcans have been murdered since September 30, 2011 but dem a worry bout Kartel. Fu**kin dunce oonu impressionable little …

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Notnice Explains What took Place in England with Himself and Popcaan

popcaan notnice

Notnice returns to IG live to clear up his name in the current Fallout with himself and Popcaan. Notnice states that he went to ENGLAND and Europe with Popcaan and Popi booked an Air BNB that had 2 rooms when it was four of them that went to England. Notnice states that Popcaan and Cuz took both rooms hence himself and the other person they went with had to sleep on the couch in shifts and to top it all off he was not paid. “Mi did affi cum gi unuh mi side of the story” he states. Watch the full story below. [EXTRAads]

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Kartel Suggests that Artistes are Buying TRENDING Spot, Intence Responds

intence and vybz kartel

Vybz kartel dropped a collab with Teejay a day ago and he was surprised that for a moment another dancehall artiste was trending at number one spot on youtube. Kartel wrote “Somn wrong wid @vevo ? or a some guys a buy trending ? ” At the time of his comment Intence’s song was trending at number one, now intence has two videos in the top 5 trending in Jamaica. While not calling any name Intence’s reply a couple of hours after was “CYA DRAW WE OUT BETTA YUH WUL UH NIGHT SLEEP😂😂😂 #1TRENDING #YENGBADNESS #GENNAJETTLIFE… PROUD A THE YOUTHS DEM WEN UH SEE DEM A WIN” Vybz kartel regained his number one position on trending seemingly after Teejay removed the video that was also uploaded to his youtube channel. Watch the flashy video below. [EXTRAads]

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Popcaan Responds to Notnice… Says Notnice “Pree Him” for Money

Popcaan here explaining why himself and producer Notnice are not friends anymore, “Vybz kartel can tell people seh a me a the meaning a loyalty bredda” the unruly boss went on to explain that everyone else who had fallen out with Kartel dissed Vybz Kartel except him. Popcaan went on to explain that he was the last artiste to “buss” from the Gaza camp because he waited his turn. Popcaan also dismissed Notnice’s claims of their falling out being because of Jafrass not being apart of the unruly camp. Popcaan states that he and Notnice stop seeing eye to eye because he did not pay Notnice after a recent tour in England. “dah fat gut bwoy deh fi tell the people how much song mi write fi him” Popcaan insights that he wrote for Jah Vinci, the song “Home fi meet dem maka” the unruly Bossy sings. Watch the full …

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Notnice Disses Popcaan on IG Live [Video]

Top dancehall producer Notnice is making it clear that himself and Popcaan are not good anymore, he said “dem a pretend seh everything good.. me and unruly anuh friend u zimi.. suh unuh can top ask me now” he went on to state that “unruly a duh dem thing and me a duh my thing” Notnice did not stop there, he went on to say “Popcaan diss Jahvinci for no reason” he also went on to say that “Popcaan a pussy tell him seh mi seh that”. Notnice also stated that his artiste Jafrass was not apart of unruly and that caused issues between himself and Popcaan. It’s unclear what could have caused Popcaan to  diss Javinci recently. Many fans are now calling out Popcaan as he fails to respond to Alkaline’s recent diss track titled “Monopoly” which sent several insults at the unruly boss. Alkaline stated that Popcaan watch …

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