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Baddoll Collabs with Chronic Law on ‘Enthralled’

Baddoll Collabs with Chronic Law on ‘Enthralled'

She’s got the talent, and the sex appeal along with an alluring personality to ‘enthrall’ dancehall fans. The Kingston based artist is a newcomer to the dancehall scene, born Rochelle Jacas who goes by the stage moniker “Baddoll.” With the number of women now dominating in the local entertainment space, Baddoll is ready to make her mark with her own distinctive sound and lyrical flair. She is armed with a seductive voice that delivers an edgy yet provocative lyrics along with a “bad gal” persona that will surely appease dancehall fans. Baddoll is now starting to make headway with her music career. She is currently working with One:Time Music Production (@onetime_music) team and is also signed to Touch Grung Inc. (@touchgrunginc). The single “Enthralled” which features one of dancehall’s top entertainers, Chronic Law from the 6ixx camp. Since it’s debut last week the single has already gained over 17k views …

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Popcaan Talks Koffee Grammy Win and New OVO Label Album

popcaan onstage interview

In 2014 Popcaan said he wished he could put every Ghetto youth on a flight so they could go to see the world, and now he has lost count of the number of young artistes who he has taken abroad, he wanted them to see how different the world is and he wanted them to embrace other cultures. Popcaan wanted to do this because going out into the world motivated him and strengthened his confidence, before he became famous. He now has his own Unruly camp, “Unruly Entertainment” he produces music for young artistes. The death of his friend who was killed at his house is not something he can’t get over, but he uses time to heal. He couldn’t feel happy about anything when he was grieving but having his family and friends around him helped him a lot. He also, vent his feelings in his music, but he …

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Quada Expresses Innocence on His Murder Case

quada talks on murder charge

Dancehall artiste Quada professes his innocence in one of his new tracks titled “PAIN”, he also did so on a recent Onstage Interview with Winford Williams last weekend. His legal woes are ongoing and there is not much to say about it as the case is in court. Popcaan on the other hand believes Quada is innocent. Quada who got his startdom from Popcaan’s Unruly Clash stated he didn’t win the clash but his performance caused Popcaan to sign him and gave him a chance. Quada rose to prominence with a big song in 2018 “Nothin like Wen Pocket Full a Cash” he is a member of Popcaan’s Unruly Camp, but his image has been tarnished with a charge of murder and arson. He said, he feels firm and strong regardless of the things that are happening, life teaches you many things along the way. He will be appearing in …

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Vybz Kartel Upset After Children’s Advocate Blames him For Child delinquency

GM #GazaLadies vybz kartel prison pic

Vybz Kartel disagrees with Jamaica’s Children Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison who claims that he is to be blamed for Juvenile delinquency in Jamaica. Vybz Kartel recently posted on Instagram to clap back at her via a video clip. He wrote this in a caption on Monday, “Scapegoat Mentality: Pathetic how Vybz Kartel has been labeled as the main protagonist of crime and violence in our society. Well, he’s been incarcerated and for more than five years (Old Government and New Government inna power) and the crime rate has been the worst ever…but he said it long ago so Mr. Bbylon and oonu gyalfren dem weh oonu nuh stop sen out… Seeit yah inna oonu earz drums,” he captioned the video. Kartel’s post follows statements that were made by the state official at the prayer breakfast dubbed “Save our Boys, Save Our Nation”

Harrison also reported that most of the children who committed …

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Squash Has The Hottest Song/Video In Jamaica

squash 6ix boss 2020

The 6ix Boss Squash is trending once again, this time with his latest music video for his track titled “cotch & Soda”, according to youtube and several other streaming platforms Scotch and Soda is the fastest moving dancehall song this week online, noted February 2nd, 2019. Released January 29, 2020 the video racked up over 300k views in 3 days, one person commented “Just a look back from way the man a come from to way him deh yah now tpc start listen squash from 2015 until now a watch the growth and success nuff people see the glory but no know the story ” while another said “One thing wid squash him video dem well clean”. Watch the full entertaining visual below

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Bounty wants to See an End to Domestic Violence, Says Women are not Men’s Property

bounty killer

Bounty Killer is taking on the issues that are related to how men and women conduct their lives. He says he saw his father abuse his mother, but he no longer wants to blame the environment that he grew up in for his actions. He spoke about how he was shot when he was 16-years-old and how he didn’t have a father in his home, it was just him and his mother with his siblings. However he doesn’t want to live in the past and he now says women are men’s most important asset as the creator of life and ” women power is in their mouths” they say and do things at times that cause men to lose control, but it is better for men to walk away and start over with someone else, whenever they see where the relationship they are in is not working. As the woman …

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Stacy Xpressionz Speaks About the Stunt that Caused the Death of Roxanne the Dancer

Stacy Xpressionz

Stacy Xpressionz the dancer who helped to create the stunt that might have caused the death of 27-year-old Roxanne Evans, now says the dancers who did the stunt, didn’t do it properly and she doesn’t regret doing the stunt. Stacy Xpressionz aka “Goody Plum” said the stunt is called “Chuk Through” she would go on her head top and spread her legs and her dance partner Shelly Xpressionz would dive through her legs, land and roll on the ground before the opening her legs and end with a split. The stunt was the secret weapon for both Stacy and Shelly Xpressionz and she doesn’t think it is dangerous when dancers know what to do.  However, she says when persons don’t know the techniques and try to do the stunt it can go wrong. She remembers looking at a video of Roxanne and the other dancer doing a similar stunt to …

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GOSSIP: Kartel tells Alkaline to go “Breed a Gal”

kartel laughing smile

As usual, Vybz Kartel shares his thoughts online via IG, after posting a random pic of a sperm on his page the self-proclaimed ‘worl’boss’ a few hours later posted a clip from one of his long time song which featured Jah Vinci, Kartel made sure to be specific and cut the visual to only a few line which stated “the time weh yuh tek a try programme man yh shudda look some pussy and breed a gal”, Kartel also added these emojis 😏 👶🏽🍼 followed by a question sign. The comments section started running wild after that with most persons making note that Kartel is throwing words at fellow dancehall artiste Alkaline. One person commented “hear dat alkaline? Can’t diss man and nuh breed no gyal. Him dev’n reach step 1(get a gyal) much less fi step few (go get yuh children) Battyman dat.” while another said “#vybzkartel is king …

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WATCH: Kashmar – Uptown [Music Video] HD

kashmar uptown music video

Rising dancehall artiste KASHMAR releases a hot new music video for his much-anticipated song called “Uptown”. Dancehall Music Genre Released January 2020 Produced by YARDHYPEMUSIC Watch the Full entertaining visual below YARDHYPE Sat down with Kashmar for a question and answer session, See the Questions and Answers below! Q: Where was Choppa Lifestyle video shot? A: 1.choppa lifestyle video was shot in Kingston Which song is your biggest? 2. It’s hard to choose between banga and Choppa lifestyle because both songs are opening doors for me How long have you been doing Music and what caused you to start? 3. Been doing music for over 10 years now, i was motivated buy my cousin and friends What is your style of music? 4. Dancehall, Urban Dancehall, Trap Dancehall Favorite dancehall Artiste and why? 5. Kashmar because i am self-motivated. READ MORE HERE: https://yardhype.com/kashmar-buzzing-after-choppa-lifestyle-music-video-release/

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Dancehall Producer Miller 9 could get the Death Penalty

milla 9 arrested in usa murder charge vybz kartel producer

Miller 9 the popular Jamaican music producer might face the death penalty as he is connected to a murder that is being investigated in the US. Reports states that, Miller 9 whose given name is Omar Miller, is being investigated because of the death of a man in Irvine, California. There was a deadly home invasion robbery in October 2019 and Miller who was an officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force was arrested and charged for murder.  The Jamaican ex-cop is facing multiple felonies, that include assault with a firearm, murder counts and conspiracy to commit a crime. 41-year-old Miller has been charged along with Andre Andrews, 34 and Devon Quinland, 33, who are all in trouble with “special circumstances” for murder committed during the commission of a robbery”. sources revealed. If Miller and his co-accused are convicted based on California law, they could be facing the death penalty. He now resides …

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