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Popcaan’s Daughter Rihanna Graduates

Popcaan's Daughter Rihanna Graduates

The Jamaican deejay, Popcaan, couldn’t be more proud as his daughter Rihanna Sutherland graduates prep school with honors. He posted several pictures with his ‘Princess’ on his instagram page, wearing a swank red blazer along with the fresh ‘buzz’ worthy hairstyle. He was beaming with joy while posing for some sweet shots with his 11-year-old who was wearing a blue graduation gown along with a big smile herself. We have seen Popcaan’s ‘daddy side’ several times before as he posted numerous pictures of him with Rihanna during their father/ daughter hangouts and adventures. He has also shared many entertaining moments featuring his mom, Ms Rhona, and her concerned rebukes are some of our favorites. Rihanna’s big day was made even better with all the love and felicitations from the world. Jesse Royal, Skillibeng, Protoje, Lila Ike, Vybz Kartel, and Agent Sasco made her feel extremely special after all her efforts by …

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Vybz Kartel wants fans to decide his best Male & Female Collab

vybz kartel smile laughing smilling joke funny

Vybz Kartel is seeking the help of fans to decide on the best male and female collaboration he’s done with members/former members of the Gaza camp. In a post made to his Instagram Kartel added pics of Shawn storm, Popcaan, Jahvinci, black Ryno, and Tommy Lee Sparta, asked fans to decide the best collaboration,…🤔 In a separate post he added pics of female artistes Spice, Gaza slim, Kesh and Sheba, then asked fans to decide So far the posts have received thousands of comments with fans selecting there favorite but it’s clear that most people are leaning towards Popcaan and Spice. share your thoughts 💭

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Bounty Killer Talks Verzuz Tour with Beenie Man

Bounty Killer Planning Verzuz Tour with Beenie Man

Bounty Killer whose given name is Rodney Price, says the clash he was on with Beenie Man recently on the Verzuz platform, has impacted his career a lot. He has been getting more streams on YouTube, more followers and he got a lot of calls from very important people.  The legendary artiste wants to tour and he is thinking about touring in the Caribbean first and he is hoping he will get the opportunity to go back to the US in 2021.The Verzuz clash was not a DJ clash he said, it was a selector thing, they were just playing music. The War Lord or Poor People Governor is working on an album after 18 to 20 years. He likes touring after he puts out an album and this caused him to be waiting to get back his US visa. People are now asking for a Verzuz tour, they want both Beenie and Bounty to tour …

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Vanessa Bling New Music and Career update

Vanessa Bling

Artistes in Jamaica have been singing and promoting the matie culture but Vanessa Bling is busy promoting her wifey role new song “Tek Who” about the women who are coming after her man. She says she is sticking to her man and no one else will get him. She is pushing back in a brand new track. “Gyal a weh yu feel like gwaan yu ways and find yu owna man”. A line from the song Venessa has been putting out many singles as she keeps on working even though the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the music business to slow down a lot. She is representing her true conviction and singing about her one man. She continues to represent the strong ladies and her song is loved by both men and women and it is well supported. A number of singles were produced by Vanessa  recently as she says she …

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Vershon Uses the Current Pandemic to his Advantage

Vershon is trying to get rid of the quarantine waistline, doing exercises so he can be ready to look good for the ladies. His song “Outside” is doing good now, with over 2.5 million views on YouTube. He is currently working on Mp3s as he tries to build up a momentum before he puts out an album, he doesn’t want his music to fall on deaf ears. During the pandemic he has more time to spend with family and work on music and puts them out. Even though there are people who says he bought views, he says it is not so. He is simply putting out music and gearing up for the reopening of the stage shows so he can start performing again.

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Teejay Removes His Instagram Account After His Friends “Grimy” and “Afro Don” were Killed

Teejay Seemingly Deleted His Instagram After His Friend "Grimy" Got Killed

According to news reports, there was a shooting in the corporate area, Kingston 11, which left two men dead and others injured, the two men are said to be a close friend of dancehaller Teejay. Notably the individual called “GRIMY boss” was said to be heavily respected by Teejay who also Named a song after him and made mention to him in several of his songs while “Afro Don” was also an associate of his Up-Top Team. GRIMY’s musical friends Romeich, Shenseea, Ding Dong, OCG etc send condolences and expresses their regret of his passing, Teejay who also posted about the double killing went further and seemingly deleted his Instagram account. Before disabling his account Teejay wrote “two real youth e camp lose yesterday” A search for Teejay’s instagram page returns the following error message below. The most likely scenario is that Teejay disabled his Instagram account for a while …

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Foota Hype Opens up about Plans He Had For Ishawna’s Career, As big as Rihanna

foota hype ishawna

Foota Hype the dancehall selector says he doesn’t want to see his child’s mother to suffer as this will affect his son. He wanted her to get as far as Rihanna because he believes in her talent, but she is not showing up her true talent as a singer, Foota believes she should sing more and deejay less. Foota says artistes can’t afford to allow the masses to lead you as, and cause them to put out songs that are  giving artistes shock value, and these songs can’t make you money for a long time. They cannot be played everywhere. Foota thinks Ishawna opened the gate with a very explosive song about oral sex and she did another similar song and it didn’t do well because the people wanted something different for a change. He says some songs gets frenzy as there are a lot of antics that goes on …

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Vybz Kartel Highlights Jamaica’s Injustice as The World Protest George Floyd’s Death

Vybz Kartel at UWI talking thinking

Vybz Kartel is trying to bring awareness to the local justice issues because of the uproar that followed the George Floyd homicide. People all over the world are lobbying to change the laws and improve the legislature so it can be more inclusive for black people. The ongoing fight for social justice is going on and citizens are being encouraged to vote and donate to organizations that will support the cause by signing petitions and championing for justice when there are police brutality victims that need legal representation, phone in, and email authorities, protests and more. In Jamaica, it is said that there are still some unjustified cases to which no closure was brought, and Vybz Kartel is urging his people to remember that while the racial inequality in the US remains the main focus of this justice movement, we are facing similar issue in Jamaica. After the heartbreaking death of George Floyd, the deejay who is …

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