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Foota Hype Moved to New Facility but Still in Custody

foota hype

Foota Hype was moved to a different holding facility in Florida recently.

 He is still in custody after he was detained 90 days ago by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

 The popular Jamaican disc jock was relocated from the Krome Service Processing Centre to the Broward Transitional Centre (BTC).

 The facility, which is in Pompano Beach, Florida, has illegal immigrants and other “non-criminal and low-security detainees staying there.” It is also the place where new immigrants seeking asylum or residency stay.

 Foota was detained on December 14, 2019, when he arrived at Port Everglades Seaport in Ft Lauderdale. He was aboard the Independence of the Seas cruise, that travelled from Falmouth, Jamaica.

 In December the case was dismissed against the controversial disc jock by a Florida judge, but he still remained there.

 Sources revealed that Foota Hype’s legal team made a request for him to remain in custody in …

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Foota Hype Chose to Remain in Custody in the US

Foota hype in custody in the USA

[Sharingbuttons] Oneil Ricardo Thomas aka Foota Hype the Dancehall selector has chosen to remain in custody, in Florida at the Krome Service Processing Centre in the US, instead of returning to Jamaica his homeland. A source revealed to the JAMAICA STAR that “He has no status at this time in terms of a document that allows him entry to the US, he could return to Jamaica at any time, but he prefers to stay and put his case before the court.” After he appeared before an immigration judge on December 19, the court had dismissed the matter, his lawyers had asked for more time to resolve the overall immigration concerns. These concerns arose after the Selector’s marriage to an American woman was dissolved before he was issued permanent resident status in the US, and his papers, which would allow him temporary entry in the country, expired. “He got married and applied for …

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Foota Hype Still in Custody after Immigration Case got Dismissed

foota hype surprise detained by ice

[Sharingbuttons] It’s 2 days before Christmas and it’s unclear if popular dancehall selector Foota Hype will be released before 2020 even though his immigration case has been dismissed. Selector Oneil “Foota Hype” Thomas who is not now in the custody of (ICE) the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement was detained two Saturdays ago on December 14 at Port Everglades Seaport in Florida after arriving from Falmouth, Jamaica aboard the Jamrock Reggae Cruise. The case against Foota was dismissed when he appeared before an immigration judge on Thursday, December 19 in Miami, Florida however the Jamaican Consulate in Miami said the immigration lawyers involved need more time to fully resolve the immigration concerns. Foota Hype was held with regard to his travel documents and admissibility status. He has been in custody at the Krome Service Processing Center ever since. ICE website also confirms that he is at the Krome Processing Centre …

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Foota Hype To Appear Before Judge in the USA on Monday

foota hype arrested to appear in court on monday

[Sharingbuttons] Selector Oneil “Foota Hype” Thomas is scheduled for a hearing 2 days before Christmas with an immigration judge and he is now in the custody of (ICE) the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Jamaican Ambassador to the USA, Audrey Marks confirmed that Foota was detained on Saturday, December 14. After he arrived on board the Independence of the Seas, after it left Falmouth, Jamaica. He was detained for further checks of his admissibility status and travel documents. “Foota Hype will have legal representation on the day he faces the court”, Marks said. The consulate in Miami would be visiting him as they were in communication with the detention center. The information about Foota is also posted on the ICE website and confirms that he is at the Krome Processing Centre in Florida. His fans have missed him on social media, his 4 days of silence has caused them …

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Foota Hype Reportedly arrested by ICE

foota hype

Check out this report on allegations that Jamaican Sound system DJ and social media personality Foota Hype is currently in lock-up in the USA. Several online sources have revealed that the matter is not believed to be one of deportation but more so because someone reported him to ICE for a particular reason, Foota Hype has been traveling all over the world hence his papers are believed to be straight. While it’s unclear what he was arrested for, see possible reason(s) in the video below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/6fbmxZrCQe8″]

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Foota Hype Fires Back At Yanique “It’s natural for her to act like a Whore” [Video]

Foota Hype was not going to make Curvy Diva diss him without him hiving a response “it’s in her natural nature to nuh have nuh class, it’s natural for her to act like a whore” Foota States that Yanique has a good education and knows better. Yanique performed at a pride event a couple days ago and she had some not so nice words for Foota Hype. “Dutty nasty stinking foota” Curvy Diva calls out while performing, she even went on to state that Foota Hype been eating “Crotches” for a long time. See his full statement in the video below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/W8IU3mWPvwU”]

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“My Baby Mother Lost, She Nuh Stable” Foota Hype Blasts Ishawna, Tifa and Curvy Diva [Video]

Dancehall Sector DJ entertainer Foota Hype don’t like the news he is hearing about upcoming Gay/Pride concert scheduled to be kept in Kingston. “Them a mash-up the music… how gay organization fi call yo fi perform” Foota asks, going on to state that his baby mother Ishawna is lost in this world hence he expects anything from her, he did not expect much from Yanique “She love whine up pan gal a party”, but Foota explains that he did not expect such a move from Tifa. One person commented telling Foota to Mind his Business, See Foota’s hilarious response in the video below! [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ELhJb7m5YvU”] RELATED READ: Pastor Al Miller Replies To LGBT Community Having Church Service, Out for Jesus READ: Tifa, Curvy Diva and Ishawna To Perform at Controversial Gay Pride Event

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“Kartel Cah Style Me” Foota Hype Responds to Vybz Comments [Video]

“Kartel affi jus understand the truth, know the truth, and just live with it” Foota Hype states that kartel should remember where he is “vybz kartel please be careful”. Foota States that he was a star in dancehall before Vybz kartel. Watch the full video clip below [Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/PecCoD7IOzM”] RELATED READ: Kartel Reportedly Disses Foota, Tells Him About His Mother After Lesbian Comments WATCH: Foota Hype Responds To Killa and Mackerel Dancing… Says Squash and Kartel Promoting Lesbians [Video] WATCH: Facebook Hero Cusses Foota Hype Calls Him Gay Online Over Shenseea Lesbian Comments [Video]  

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