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Foota Concerned About Cassava Piece, Asks Cure to Apologize to DJs

foota hype in usa lockup 2020

[Sharingbuttons]Foota Hype is calling for peace in his community, he doesn’t live in Cassava Piece anymore but he is concerned about the violence that is plaguing the community. He understands the problem the people who live there have, with everyone wanting to get out of poverty, and how easy it is for the youth choosing the wrong way out. Thinking that those with the guns are the most powerful. Foota knows that it is easy for people to get angry when they don’t see any way out and they can get into trouble easily by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He talks about the killing and how it is hard to put an end to it. When one person is killed and the friends and loved ones of the dead person believe they must get revenge. So there is a never-ending system of anger and violence. Foota knows …

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Foota Hype gives honest opinion on Jahmiel vs Tommy Lee Sparta Clash

foota hype

[Sharingbuttons]Entertainer foota hype went live again and was asked about Tommy Lee vs Jahmiel clash, The out spoken selector was quick to point out that Jahmiel clashing Tommy Lee is going to do more harm than good for his career. Foota went on to say that Tommy Lee is trying to use Jahmiel to bring back his career! Pointing out past Jahmiel battles with Vershon and Popcaan which did not take any traction foota urges Jahmiel to do not try the clash part because its not for him. “All di one Tommy Lee him fi gweh to enuh” Foota further went on to state that Tommy Lee should War with fully bad instead of Jahmiel. The Call, Foota Hype also share past convo he had with Jahmiel with regards to not singing war songs, foota stated that this was the only time he ever called Jahmiel. When Vershon and Jahmiel …

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