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D’ Angel goes Viral in Live News Broadcast Video

D' Angel goes Viral in Live News Broadcast Video

Dancehall entertainer Michelle Downer aka D’Angel is making rounds online after posting a series of hilarious videos whereby she plays the role of a strange news anchor named “Pamela Houston”. As a result of the clash D’Angel seemingly has a lot to talk about including the fact that she had a relationship with both Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. She posted the video below and wrote “I swear Flow nuh want mi fi be great! A whole hour dem delay mi news. #thesabotageisrealThe true mark of maturity is when you can laugh at yourself”. View this post on Instagram I swear Flow nuh want mi fi be great! A whole hour dem delay mi news. #thesabotageisreal The true mark of maturity is when you can laugh at yourself. Big up @stylyshofficial and @trippple_x Video Credit: @wrayrasal A post shared by Michelle Downer (@dangelmusic) on May 25, 2020 at 6:03pm PDT …

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DWL: Man finds his Wife “YOLANDA” Hiding under another man’s bed [Video]

woman hides under bed

Watch this estrange video seemingly captured in Africa of a Lady hiding under a bed. After much search a young lady was found hiding under her alleged boyfriend’s bed, she was found by her upset Husband. One person commented “Home affairs needs to keep records of girlfriends also, so we can do backround checks. Yini le?why does she lay there like a fish out of water after she was caught?”, while another said “Yolanda has set the bar high”. See full video below.

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Kanye West falls off of a Horse while performing in Church [Video]

Kanye West went a bit too far when he attempted to add a horse to a live church atmosphere, the horse was not feeling the vibes and decides to shake kanye West off it’s back. One person commented “God will not allow false prophets and teachers to deceive his people. Expect more mishaps like these. God will not be mocked, for what a man sows… he shall also reap.”, while another said “A horse… in a church. Wow. There is nothing these people won’t do for entertainment. Just absurd!”. Watch below

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Regret Expressed by KFC Operator after a Rat invades

rat in kfc jamaica

A video has been circulating online of a rat finding it’s way into a KFC restaurant and onto the menu board. A worker manages to run the rat away as several customers watch and run jokes. Andrei Roper, the brand manager expressed regret and still claimed to be serving the best products of the highest quality to customers. He also said the quality assurance and operation teams carried out a comprehensive inspection and sanitization procedure at the restaurant involved. He also said the necessary checks will be done by 3rd party authorities to ensure at the location where the rat was seen and other locations as well. While it’s unclear which KFC this took place, it reportedly took place on Sunday and seemingly some customers stuck around to make and collect their order. Watch the rat in action below

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