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Portland Police shot in the head

Investigations are currently on the way following a recent shooting which took place at an housing scheme, according to growing reports the Police might have been shot by another Cop’s bullet in an unusual way with reports claiming the bullet must have rickashay off a wall, then hitting the cop …

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St. James Cop Charged for Lottery Scamming

A Constable who was connected to the St. James division was detained after investigations proved that he was receiving messages from an associate. Constable Derrol Williams was charged after he caused a false declaration to be made at Customs, he had an illegal firearm and he was associated with an …

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Man Shot in Half-Way-Tree

A number of persons who were gathered by the gully at Tangerine Place on Half-Way-Tree Road rejoiced because it was said that a thief was shot. Sources revealed that a man who was an alleged homosexual who lives in the gully was among a group of men who has been …

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